Garbage is our politics

Collection of garbage which the city is never free of is essentially left to three or four politically influential families. While there is a need for transparency for garbage management, sources say city MLAs, both BJP and Congress, do not favour it.

The entire garbage contract system is reportedly controlled by four major contractors, Ganesh Reddy, Gopinath Reddy, Venkatesh Reddy and Balasubramanyam. “They have grown into a force and can even dictate terms to BBMP. This cannot happen without political patronage. Like any businessman who likes to monopoly, they too have succeeded in monopolising garbage collection for the last decade,” say sources, noting that the problem cropped up only after the BBMP decided to invite global tenders to dispose of garbage in the city.

“When the tenders were invited, the BBMP was forced to add a clause which invariably entitled the incumbent contractors to get contracts without a hitch and prevented the entry of others. “Some associations questioned this clause and approached the high court which directed the BBMP to reissue the tenders with modified clauses, but the agency has not done so yet,” said an officer, adding that if anyone tried to change things, legislators cutting across party lines joined corporators in levelling charges against them. “They launch a slanderous campaign and bring pressure from various quarters to ensure either the officer compromises or is shunted out. The recent garbage mess is a case in point,” he added.

Health and family welfare minister, Aravinda Limbavali ,who had a fight with Bengaluru in charge minister, R. Ashok on the garbage issue , was looking out for his own long term interests, according to him. “Mr Limbavali too is an MLA from the city. But he couldnt refuse when people from 10 villages asked him for help as this could mean losing votes in the next elections,” he maintained.

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