Road disappears, slushy stretch remains

“I have a five-year-old son who keeps falling ill and it's getting hard to even open the front door bec­ause of the dust,” complains Mrs. Sunitha Men­on, a housewife, who like many other residents here, finds living in Chen­a­m­manakere Achc­hukattu, Banashankari third stage, second main, a nightmare since BWSSB dug up the road for drainage work months ago and left it a mess.

The water board is replacing the drainage pipes with bigger ones, and as the work plods on the road has turned muddy, causing the residents a great deal of inconvenience.

Most find it hard to open their doors and windows as this immediately lets in the dirt and dust raised by vehicles using the road.

The contractor involved doesn't seem to care less about the people's troubles as he simply ignore their complaints.

“Even if the workers come they stay around for two days and then disappear for weeks. If this goes on when will the work be completed and the road re- laid?” demand the fed up people, wondering when they will be able to take out their two and four wheelers from their homes like they used to.

"The condition of the road worsens when it rains, making it impossible for two wheelers and pedestrians to use it.

The water collects in pools and we are forced people to put up with the flies it attracts and the stink from it," the residents grumble.

Many accidents too have been reported on the slippery, muddy road surface, they add.

Worse, pourakarmikas stay away from the area, leaving it covered with animal excreta and dried leaves, exposing the people to all kinds of health problems.

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