Madhavan to take a sabbatical

Actors are known to go to any lengths to promote their films and R. Madhavan is no exception. The actor, who had suffered a severe knee injury while shooting for the South film Vettai, is battling excruciating pain even while filming for Jodi Breakers. Despite doctors advising him to take complete bed rest, Maddy ventured outdoors and shot some daring action sequences. “As a result, his knee problem as aggravated and again he has been asked not to venture outdoors,” says his manager.
But there is no stopping Madhavan this time either. He says, “Yes my knee is giving me a lot of pain of late, but I cannot not promote my film. I have to leave for a tour in a few days but I have promised my wife and kids that I shall not over exert myself.”
Once Jodi Breakers is out of the way, Maddy has decided to take a long sabbatical. “I have decided to take a four to month long holiday. I won’t be shooting at all. I need to fix my knee before I take up anything else,” he adds.
The actor admits to have been very selective about his films. “I can’t handle too much work all at once, that’s the reason I focus on only one film at a time. But depending on the success of Jodi Breakers, I might change that rule,” he smiles.

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