Govt may shut Kingfisher as fleet remains grounded


Debt-strapped Kingfisher Airlines, devoid of a turnaround plan to get back into the air, faced a possible shutdown by the government after extending the grounding of its fleet for another week.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) told the airline late on Friday to demonstrate why its permit to fly should not be suspended or cancelled, and gave it 15 days to reply.

The DGCA said the airline had failed to establish a 'safe, efficient and reliable service'.

Kingfisher stopped flights on Monday after a weekend protest by staff turned violent. Airline employees have not been paid for seven months.

"The airline has not been able to resolve its issues. They have not approached DGCA with any operational plan," the ministry of civil aviation said in a statement.

The company said in a statement it would submit its response to the regulator 'well in time' and would also come up wi