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ISRO unveils Mars orbiter spacecraft, likely to be launched in October

Mars ISRO bengaluru.jpg

Bengaluru: India's upcoming Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) seeks to reveal whether there is methane, considered a 'precursor chemical' for life, on the Red Planet, key officials behind the ambitious vent

8,000 Indians queue up for one-way trip to Mars


Chennai: As the deadline for registration nears, over 8,000 Indians have so far signed up for the one-way trip to Mars and settle down on the red planet, as 'Mars One' project is planning to establis

Cosmic graveyard of comets discovered


Washington: A cosmic graveyard of comets has been discovered by astronomers in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Researchers, led by Ignacio Ferrin from the University of Anitoquia describe

Mars mission not just for pride, we mean business, says ISRO

Mars ISRO.jpg

Bengaluru: As India prepares to launch its Rs 450 crore mission to Mars this year, a top space official says the country's first martian odyssey - that has attracted some criticism - is not just for

Rain mars relief operations in Uttarakhand


Incessant rains in parts of Uttarakhand continued to hamper relief efforts today prompting authorities to commission the IAF’s C-130 Hercules aircraft to drop relief material to Kedarnath and other affected places.

Mars rover clicks billion-pixel photo of Red Planet

mars billion pixel rover.jpg

Washington: NASA's rover Curiosity has captured a stunning 1.3-billion-pixel image of Mars that would allow viewers to zoom in and investigate parts of the Red Planet in incredible detail.
The first

Mars may have had oxygen-rich atmosphere 1billion years before Earth


Washington: Mars might have had an oxygen-rich atmosphere at a time, about 4000 million years ago, well before the rise of atmospheric oxygen on earth around 2500 million years ago.
This is the concl

Mars rover takes 'cool' detour: NASA


The US space agency NASA's Mars rover Curiosity will make a wide detour to explore a 'cool' geographical hot spot on Mars, scientists said on Friday.

The scientists also reported they found temperatu

India all set to give go ahead for Mars mission

India is all set to give the go-ahead for an ambitious mission to Mars, expected in November next year, a top Space Department official said here on Saturday.

"A lot of studies have been done on the

Nasa launching ‘dream machine’ to explore Mars


As big as a car and as well-equipped as a laboratory, Nasa's newest Mars rover blows away its predecessors in size and skill. Nicknamed Curiosity and scheduled for launch on Saturday, the rover has a 7-foot arm tipped with a jackhammer and a laser to break through the Martian red rock.

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