AI‚Äąpassengers protest onboard

Passengers of an Air India flight, bound for Tiruchy, staged a sit-in on board at the Chennai airport on Saturday afternoon after the officials refused to operate the aircraft to their destination.

According to airport so­u­rces, the Air India Ex­press flight, bound for Ti­ruchy, arrived in Chennai around 11 am from Kuala Lumpur with 156 passengers. Even as 82 passengers alighted at the airport, the remaining 74 pa­ssengers, bound for Tiru­chy, waited onboard.

After about an hour, a few airline officials app­ro­a­ched the passengers and informed them that the service to Tiruchy has be­en temporarily suspended due to technical defect in the aircraft. They also assured that the passengers would be transported by bus.

Enraged over this, the pa­ssengers got into an ar­gument with the staff and refused to disembark. Th­ey demanded that the ma­nagement operate a spare flight to Tiruchy and sho­uted slogans against the airliner.

Since the airline staff re­fused to give in, the passengers withdrew their protest and got off the aircraft after about three ho­urs. However, the manag­ement provided lunch to the passengers at the airport.

Subsequently, two AC buses departed with the di­sgruntled passengers ar­ound 2.30 pm.

Airline officials told DC, ‚ÄúThe spare aircraft of the airlines was stuck in Singapore owing to a major technical failure.‚ÄĚ

They also apologised to the passengers for the inconvenience.

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