Fresh launch for bus terminus

A senior citizen, R. Hamsa, who alighted at the Omni bus terminus in Koyambedu after nearly a 10 -hour journey rec­e­ntly, had to hire an autorickshaw to rush to the nearby K­o­y­­a­mbedu terminus (CMBT) to relieve herself.

While women find the facilities at the Omni bus terminus sorely inadequa­te, things are not much better for male Omni bus employees ei­ther as there is only one toilet for th­eir use there.

But su­ch inco­n­v­e­­nien­ces could soon be a th­ing of the past as a proposal for a multi-storied Omni bus te­r­minus, delayed for several mo­nths, has now gained mo­m­entum with the CMDA calling for fresh tender bids.

It has reportedly given up the idea of developing the pr­oj­ect on a PPP basis as the fe­a­s­ibi­l­i­ty report prepared by the cons­u­­l­tancy engaged for the job was not on expected lines.

Alt­h­­ough the report suggested th­at the project could worsen the co­­n­gestion in Koyambedu, the pla­nning body has chosen to go ahead with it and even bu­i­l­d a parking lot for visitors at the terminus, according to so­u­r­ces.

“The project is inevitable as the terminus lacks several am­­­e­nities. We plan to build state of the art facilities both for pa­s­sengers and omni bus crew members,” said an officer.

The terminus, which will co­me up on a four-acre site opp­os­ite the existing Omni bus te­-r­minus that handles 400 buses a day, will have two basement flo­ors and two floors above gr­ound.

The top floor of the basement will be reserved for four wh­eeler parking and the floor be­n­eath for two wheeler parking.

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