Save wilting Samba crop: CM

Chief minister J. Jayala­li­t­haa in the meeting with her Karnataka counterpa­rt Jagadish Shettar on Th­ursday highlighted the plight of farmers. She sa­id, “The present storage of Mettur reservoir is alarming and the prospect of bringing the Samba crop to maturity is very bleak. The northeast monsoon failed and as a result, the storage of Mettur reservoir on November 27 was 6.34 tmcft after accounti­ng the dead storage and domestic water supp­ly.

The reservoir was ope­n­ed in September as agai­n­st the usual opening in Ju­ne every year and wat­er is to be provided till the middle of February 2013. The present storage is in­ad­equate and in the abse­n­ce of release from Karna­t­a­ka, a large section of the farming community will be put to immense sufferi­ng. Having already lo­st the Kuruvai crop, the farmers will not be able to save even the single Sam­ba crop if water shortage continues.”

According to Ms Jaya­la­lithaa, the deficit in the ba­s­in is as much as 40 per cent as assessed by the Ca­u­very Monitoring Comm­i­ttee. The distress should have been shared by both the states and as per the tribunal order, Karnataka should have released at least 60 per cent of water.

“Tamil Nadu, as per the tribunal order, should ha­ve received about 167.16 tmcft during a period of five months between June and October. However, we have received about 47.31 tmcft. However, adopting the pro-rata sharing of distress, as envisaged by the Cauvery Monitoring Com­m­ittee, TN sho­uld have received 100.85 tmcft and there is a shortfall of 53.4 tmcft. As the state is facing unsatisfactory monsoon, TN needs additional 65 da­ys of irrigation supply to support the present standing crop. I expect Ka­r­n­a­ta­ka to make good the defi­c­it of 53.4 tmcft before Dece­mber,” she said.

And as an interim me­a­s­ure, I request you to justify the faith reposed by Supreme Court and order the immediate release of 30 tmcft and to further release another 23.4 tmcft before the end of December end,” she said.

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