Sea breeze cuts summer heat

If you are planning to build a house in Chennai, make sure the balcony or the window is facing southeast direction with enough provision for cross ventilation.

Because, the sea breeze plays a major role in reducing the heat created during summer.

“Sea breeze is like a natural air conditioner. When the sea breeze sets in, there will be a sharp drop in temperature and marked change in wind direction,” said Dr Y.E.A. Raj, deputy director-general of meteorology, regional meteorological centre (RMC).

While the observatory in Nungambakkam shows a drastic reduction of about five degree Celsius soon after the onset of sea breeze, the Meenambakkam station takes another one hour to cool down, as it is situated a little far away from the coast.

Dr Raj said the maximum temperature has always been a degree or two lesser in Nungambakkam compared to Meenambakkam due to the sea breeze phenomenon.

Nungambakkam observatory is 4.64 km from the coast, while the observatory in Meenambakkam is 8.49 km from the coast, he said, adding that since the two stations are four kilometres apart, the sea breeze takes 75 minutes more to set in Meenambakkam.

However, he added, the observatory inside Ennore Port Trust, which is situated on the coast, has been showing lesser maximum temperature compared to Nungambakkam station because of its close proximity to sea.

RMC Area Cyclone Warning Centre, director Dr S.R. Ramanan said, the onset of sea breeze dictates the weather condition on any normal day. “If the sea breeze is late, the temperature will be hot and discomfort will be more,” he added.

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