Voters can track applications

The election commission has launched a voter frie­n­dly ‘track your application’ facility for the first time to enable applicants to know the status of their application for incl­u­sion in the voters’ list.

It also helps in making corrections in the application, even after submitting the claims. Further, the commission has rece­i­ved three lakh applications over its fixed target during the ongoi­ng summary revision of electoral rolls 2012.

The ECI has received 18 lakh applications with ju­st four days left for the de­a­dline to submit the for­ms seeking inclusion of rolls.

“The applicants can just log in to co­mmi­s­s­­ion’s website ( and che­ck the status of their app­lications under the heading ‘Track your application’.

They have to en­­t­er the unique identification number provided on the ap­p­lication and get to kn­ow its status,” chief electoral officer Praveen Kumar told DC.

The CEO said applican­ts could also make corrections in the claims. “A new feature enables an ap­­­­p­licant to carry out co­r­rections if any entries in the application are fou­nd to be incorrect, while che­c­king the status. They can approach the local el­e­ction officials with the print out of the claim and rectify the mistakes,” he said. “This will help iss­u­i­ng error free electoral card.”

The commission is also in high spirits after achi­eving the set target for th­is summary revision 2012 exercise. “We had rece­i­ved 15 lakh applications before the earlier deadline (October 31), which rose to 16 lakhs with one lakh applications trooping on the last date,” Mr Kumar said.

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