Arun Nehru


Arun Nehru
Chairman, Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd

A sensible Budget

Feb 28 : A sovereign default in Iceland, Greece also in financial trouble, the global economy still jittery and no one is quite clear if a recovery is on the horizon and few, if any, believe that the Bric (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries are decoupled from the United States and the developed world.

Votes vs Security

Feb 21 : The past few days have been very traumatic with the country witnessing a terror attack in Pune and Maoist attacks in West Bengal and Bihar. Steps initiated by the Central and state governments to counter the threat to our national security need to be

My name was Shiv Sena

Feb 14 : With just one state Assembly election scheduled in Bihar later this year, 2010 is by and large going to be a quiet year. But the battle for the minority vote, crucial for a majority verdict for the Congress in 2014, will keep simmering. We already see its

Polls 2009 stuck in mirage of alliances

March.15 : The attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan is a clear sign of the chaos and failure of governance in that country, where diverse power bases are fighting for internal control.

The global community, which is immersed in an economic crisis, is fast losing patience at the way things are being run in Pakistan and it seems only a matter of time before the Army sets in to provide some sort of order.It is sad that things are out of control there. Meanwhile, we have to be on full alert as terror networks can use this confusion as an "opportunity" to hit out.

US must rid its archaic security setup of biases

Augest.23 : The detention of Shah Rukh Khan in New York has raised several interesting points that need consideration. Keeping emotions aside, we should view this incident in the larger context of security procedures and the ability of the country concerned to deal with threat perception post-9/11.

Sincere efforts win hearts, fetch votes

Oct 03 : The Pittsburgh Group of Twenty (G-20) summit saw the emergence of the Bric nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) in the global decision-making process and this reflects the reality of the situation. A decade of high growth compared to the recession-hit Western economies has propelled India and other nations for a greater role in the international community. And it is good to see that we are making our presence felt in a mature and responsible manner on critical forums involving nuclear, trade and environmental issues.

After the poll results, expect realignments

Oct.21 : The results of the Assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh will throw up few surprises and the Congress should win in all the three states with comfortable margins. The results are out on Thursday.

There will be trends for the future in each state. In Maharashtra, the question is whether the Congress will gain in total numbers over the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) where Sharad Pawar — now in his seventies — has to unfold his succession plans for the future. Will the NCP cadres have full faith and confidence in his nephew Ajit Pawar for the future?

We may well see a migration towards the Congress in the immediate future. Mr Sharad Pawar has very limited options, both at the Centre and in Maharashtra, since the NCP’s strength is "weak" at the Centre.

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