It's all win-win situation for politicians in cricket

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Time and again it has been proved that cricket is just not a sport in the country. It is followed like a religion and has the strength of uniting the entire country where riots are still prevalent in the 21 century.There is no doubting the fact that in order to be in the limelight it is best to be associated with cricket and this is just the icing on the cake for the politicians who depend on vote banks in the elections. So why wait when all you need to do is to represent a club in order to contest the elections as is the case with the Mumbai Cricket Association.Reports suggest that BJP leader Gopinath Munde has become the latest senior politician from Maharashtra to evince interest in being part of Mumbai's cricket administration along with Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and former MCA chief and NCP leader Sharad Pawar for the President's post of MCA.Lets sum up the reasons behind their interest in a sport they have never played at any level in all likelihood, let alone their understanding of the game.Good money: The money associated with cricket is much more than any other sport and it is never too hard to get a sponsor for a event or a tournament. The sport is a money spinner in our country and one is never too far away from making a quick buck.Fame: The following of the game is so massive in our country that it brings with it a lot of fame which can serve a whole lot of purpose for a politician along with being a known face by representing an organization as big as Mumbai Cricket association.Lime-light: Cricket is always grabbing the eyeballs and the administrators are not spared from it either as they are involved with the sport and making decisions pertaining to the game, which keeps them in the limelight as well along with the game.Entry to BCCI: It also can be a stepping stone to contest the elections in the BCCI which can further lead to a spot at the international level. It can be International Cricket Council or Asian Cricket Council.Laws of corruption: The laws of corruption in state associations are not as stringent as it should be and therefore it is easier to get away with any wrongdoings even if there is sufficient proof against the concerned person. 

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