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Bring back Sachin’s curls or call it IPPL

The results are in and you can’t argue with mathematics. In political terms, the IPL is doing worse than the UPA.

Perfect hundredth, flawed miracles

It finally happened. Just like my armpit rash which disappeared one fine morning after I thought I was stuck with it for life, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar finally got that large rhesus monkey (the rhesus monkey is normally quite large so there is no need to say large, and rhesus is like saying black and raven), off his back and into the forest where it belongs.

Din-Din: The saviour of Indian railways

As a frequent train traveller (between the years 1986-89 I went twice), I like many others was glued to my TV set in anticipation of what the 2012 Railway Budget had in store. I was very shocked when railway minister Dinesh Trivedi said that the current Indian railways was very sick and was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He then proposed a hike in fares, for instance, a three-paisa hike per kilometre for the sleeper class.

Our cricket team and its revolving door

This has been a low week for us. Two high points that spring to mind involve the Prime Minister and a dinosaur. And by the latter I am not making an insidious reference to any senior member from the Opposition.
At a rally in Goa, the Prime Minister’s mic stopped functioning. This made perfect sense as it was siesta time in Goa, when nothing and nobody is supposed to be working. The second spot of news was a conclusive article by a team of scientists that claimed the Tyrannosaurus had the strongest bite of all. This statement was issued because none of the learned scientists had actually been bitten by my five-year-old, Maya, as yet.

Test cricket going down the rabbit hole

Hopefully the beatings have stopped as I write this. It’s been a painful two months but apparently the quota of Indians that can be beaten in Australia has been exceeded.

Fatherhood and birthday blues

Some rules are about being a father that I need to share and I know they are true for sure because my father has never heard of them.
Rule 1: And this is the most important rule of all as far as possible —avoid being a father.

Team David beats Team Goliath, again

I’m writing this from Sydney, Australia. Australia, of course, was in the news for the beatings of Indian citizens, that goes unabated.

A kangaroo man’s letter to Mr Santa

Afew days ago my daughter Maya asked me a very important question: “Is grandma Santa Claus?’’ I decided to tell her the truth. “Honey,” I said, “I honestly don’t know.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the only truthful answer. Who is Santa Claus? Is there a Santa Claus? And who is to say that your grandmother is not Santa Claus?

Viv and the Najafgarh battleship

This week is all about two words: Virender Sehwag, the most destructive batsman of the modern game after Sir Issac Vivian Alexander Richards. I should know. As a young boy I was Vivian Richards.

A taxi to the stars

Last week my good friend Danish Irani got married. First, let me clarify that Danish is neither a party nor a citizen of Denmark. He is, in fact, a nice young entrepreneur, who is the son of one of India’s finest actors, who in turn is not in politics.
It’s been a long time since my wife and I attended a high-profile reception. The reason for this was simple — we just hadn’t been

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I want to begin with a little story that was told to me by a leading executive at Aptech. He was exercising in a gym with a lot of younger people.

Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen didn’t make the cut. Neither did Shaji Karun’s Piravi, which bagged 31 international awards.