Fruitless trips

Sudhir Tailang’s October 22 cartoon — which shows a peon at the PMO narrating Prime Minister’s itinerary of foreign visits — is a telling comment on the frequent foreign visits of our Prime Minister. Dr Singh is reported to have made 70 trips abroad between 2004 and now. If these visits had resulted in concrete gains, there would have been no need for comment. But, politically, the visits have not added to the number of committed friends. Despite several trade agreements, neither have exports gone up nor have import costs come down significantly.
Y.G. Chouksey

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In a different, pre-live television time, this writer had occasion to cover many an election rally. Then, as much as now, the public meeting was the best way for a candidate to reach out to the masses, except that in contemporary times parties can also use television and social media to spread the message wider.

Information and broadcasting minister Manish Tewari appears to be having a run of bad luck.