In the company of ghosts

Whether I believe in ghosts or not is the question. I do believe in making ghost movies and whether I am making a Bhoot or Bhoot 2, or others are making them, I am constantly struck by certain questions.

And these questions also arise while seeing international ghost movies, or reading novels about spirits and exorcists. So, I would be very happy if someone gives me answers or even guesses to my questions. No one has been able to offer me any convincing reasons about the existence of ghosts so far. Which is why I keep asking myself and the few people I know, these questions:

l Why are ghosts always female and never male? This seems to suggest that males, except in rare circumstances, like helping out of a loved one (Patrick Swayze returned to help his bereaved Demi Moore, remember), are always of the female gender. Strange.

l Why are our movie ghosts most often widows wearing thick white saris, carrying a lantern and walk into thick fogs?

l Why do these ladies in white always sing a sad song like Kahin deep jale kahin dil...? It continues to haunt and scare me.

l Okay, so you feel terrible when your near and dear ones die. But what if they were to come back to be with you? Wouldn’t you scream and shout, “Go away.”

l Now if there were ghosts of chicken, lamb and fish, what would happen? Scary, except the veggie restaurants, all the others would be haunted, with new ghosts occupying space there every day.

l Why don’t famous people come back to life? How come there are no ghosts of our top political leaders and industrialists?

l And wouldn’t murderers, assassins and terrorists stop killing because the murdered people would come back in some form or the other anyway?

l What if ghosts started competing with one another? There would be wrestling matches between them and the airspace around us would be noise polluted.

l Why did God create ghosts? He could have let people live instead of making them a scary phenomena.

l What if snakes were to come back as ghosts? How would anyone be able to play snakes and ladders anymore?

l Do ghosts sleep at night? Or do they get their rest during the sunshine hours?

l How come ghosts only haunt big bungalows? How come they are never to be found in chawls and hutments?

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