Into the criminal mind

Rape is nothing but a brutal and heinous invasion of a woman’s freedom

have to say this loud and clear. My blood boils with rage when I hear some premedieval jokers say that a woman wearing glamorous clothes is inviting herself to be raped. That’s like saying a rich man showing his wealth is inviting himself to be robbed. Or a political leader wielding his power is inviting himself to be killed.

What a woman wants to wear emanates from her freedom of expression. And rape is nothing but a brutal and heinous invasion of her freedom.
A woman’s beauty, a rich man’s wealth, a political leader’s power, a sports person’s skills and an artiste’s talent — all these arouse a desire in a normal person to somehow possess these qualities. But what separates any person from an animal and what makes him a human being is his ability to control and channelise his desires towards achieving them.
Achievements have to be attained in a humane and a socially acceptable way. And above all, every person should respect what he or she wants to possess. Believe me, therein are embedded a person’s values, and also the significance of the goal that he or she imagines is worth achieving.
Coming to the point of the enhancement of punishment from seven years’ life imprisonment or to death sentence, I don’t really believe that it will have any effect as a deterrent for stopping incidents like those in New Delhi from recurring. That’s because I don’t think rapists or any other criminals for that matter will ever take the point of the quantum of punishment into consideration while committing the act.
Criminals are not ever likely to tell themselves that a heinous act is okay if it leads to seven years of incarceration in jail. Neither can they pause to think that crime shouldn’t be committed if it leads to life imprisonment or a death sentence. They don’t have the time, intelligence or the logic to weigh such considerations.
They commit a crime because they feel certain — for whatever reasons at the time of its perpetration — that they won’t get caught. That they will get away scot-free. As a result, one has to work towards inserting a rod of an inevitable certainty of getting caught deep into such people’s minds. And that’s the only thing which might give criminals a semblance of a human brains. That the law force has to be strengthened considerably, that it must promise safety for the citizens, is an imperative.
Because I strongly suspect that right now the minds of such people — who commit acts of depravity — have intestines instead of brains.

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