To despise anything can be a positive thing

To despise anything, isn’t it being very negative?
On the contrary, to despise anything can be the most positive thing. “I love the great despisers because they are the great adorers… arrows of longing for the other shore” — Friedrich Nietzsche.

I know a lot of people who speak about loads of philosophy but have never achieved anything.
Philosophy is about understanding achievements and it does not necessarily make you achieve. You can study a powerful person’s strength, behaviour and nature but that won’t make you a powerful person.
With all the understanding you have of life, how will you feel about a snake that is about to bite you?
Depending on the situation, I would run away or jump over it or kill it or prepare for a post-bite scenario but I would never ever hate it. That’s because a snake is supposed to bite and you can’t hate anyone for what they are supposed to do

Ayn Rand said, “When I die... the world will end with me.”
Schopenhauer said, “If you close your eyes the world will cease to exist.”

Do you think prostitution is a sin or a crime?
I detest prostitution because it vilifies the sacredness of sex.

How do you relax?
I don’t.

With confidence you can fool others and with over-confidence you can fool yourself.
And with super confidence you can turn around the mistakes of your overconfidence.

Men’s imaginations are the previews of life’s coming attractions — Albert Einstein
And most of the times their films flop — RGV

Are you the costume designer for your heroines?
No, I am the opposite because most of the times I work on how to remove the costumes... So you can say that I am a costume remover.

How did you feel when Boney Kapoor married Sridevi?
I wept.
Varm-up to Ramu

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