Don’t care when others judge you

I have been in a profession that requires me to meet people, talk to them about new ideas and strategise developmental programs. I have been working for the last six years with the same organisation. However, thinking that I need to grow, I started looking out for new opportunities recently. But when I go out to meet people for interviews, I become anxious. Can you suggest something to overcome this feeling?

A. Being anxious comes from being in a comfort zone for a long time and then one feels afraid to step out. But you are also feeling stagnant, hence the need to grow. You could do one of the two things — don’t care about people judging you. Have fun doing an interview. Think that you will get to meet new people and change that anxiety to excitement. Or, you could challenge yourself at your current job and do something different or something that will make you grow and make you feel secure. Basically, you want to take that leap and overcome something. You could achieve it in many different ways. All the best!

I am a 23-year-old girl from Simla, working in Delhi in a restaurant as an executive manager. While I love everything about my job, there are few things that upset me and being a fresher I am unable to speak up to my seniors. Everyday I get late at night due to work. I usually leave after 10 pm. Looking at the crime rate in Delhi, my parents are worried about me. The company doesn’t even provide a cab. What would be the right thing to do?

A. Change your job. The first priority is security and happiness. I believe in being fearless etc but not by putting your safety at risk. There are many jobs that are available and you can opt for one.
Or, you could car pool with other friends. I know it is not fair and I know it is unjust but we have to think of what’s more important. Even peace of mind is important for you and your family. Hopefully as a nation we don’t have to worry about such things for long. I’m sure things will change. Looking forward to the youth empowering the system with their righteousness and integrity.

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