I can control my emotions

You present yourself as an emotionless person. So, how do the background scores of your films resonate with waves of emotion?

I have never ever said that I am not emotional. I just said I can control my emotions. Whenever I feel an emotion, I zoom out from myself and study my emotions so that I can put them to better use. If emotions are a disease, I play a doctor to myself.
How did you convince Sridevi to stand on a moving train in Kshana Kshanam?
Ahem! I used my charm and I also told her if she slips I will fly like a Superman and rescue her.
How to deal with jealousy of others?
On the contrary I think one should not shy away from jealousy... it’s the most natural and most beautiful of all human emotions. Without the feeling of jealousy, 99 per cent of people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves
Nietzsche in his last days became insane.
I won’t have that problem because I was born insane.
I have to disagree with you that one can control his own thoughts.
I was talking about me buddy, and not about uncontrolled non-thinkers like you.
How many alter egos and personalities are rolled within you?
I am many in one and one in many. I have a multiple personality order which is mistaken as a multiple personality disorder by people who suffer from a singular personality disorder.
If you were a gangster you would have been the most hated gangster ever by the country.
Ha Ha! Jaideep, the writer of Company, jokingly used to say that it’s the country’s good luck that I became a film director instead of a gangster. And as per your comment, I could also have been the most hated critic or the most hated politician. I love cinema too much to criticise it ever and I am too selfish to be political and too selfless to be a politician.
Why did Ayn Rand not practise her philosophy and get into irritants like marrying and then having an affair resulting in her going through a mental agony.
Her agony is what made her philosophise.
Are you as good as a repartee in real life like in your reactions to reactions?
I am worse.
Why is it that dreams are like stars which make you feel that you can grab them whereas in reality you can’t?
Dreams are and should be just trigger points to generate an intense desire in you of wanting to turn them into reality.

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Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen didn’t make the cut. Neither did Shaji Karun’s Piravi, which bagged 31 international awards.