Isro astronauts to savour idlis, rasgullas in space

When Indian Space Research Organisation sends its men into space for the first time in 2016, they will not miss home food in the cosmos. Mysore-based Defence Food Research Laboratory has created and packaged Indian food items that can be easily deployed in zero-gravity situations. A top DFRL official said upma, idli, parantha and rasgullas, among others, would be packed in dehydrated, bite-sized servings that will be hassle-free to store, open and serve.

DRFL additional director Dr K. Radhakrishna said, “We have had a long association with Isro and its programmes since the 1970s. We have also come up with products that are now served to our Antarc-tic mission and mountai-neering units. This requirement for space food was a challenge because of weight constraints and serving limitations.” Dr Radhakrishna said the food items created for the space mission only required hot water to be added. “Since they are completely dehydrated, they will absorb the hot water and will be ready to eat in no time,” he said. “Tests show there is no compromise on taste and it will be just like it is in the conventional form.” Dr Radhakrishna said these food items are sterilised against biological pathogens and heated to high temperatures to dry them completely. At times, they are deep-frozen to separate moisture, like in case of milk for rasgullas.

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