Chennai taxis most expensive, says study

Thanks to fleecing autowallahs and cab drivers, Chennai is the third costliest city for out of towners after Mumbai and Delhi.

Chennai taxis are the most expensive, charging Rs 201 for a journey that costs Rs 100 in Pune, reveals TripIndex, a travel price index

Interestingly, it’s even more espensive to spend a night in a city hotel and grab a meal here than in Beijing and Bangkok.

While those visiting the city need to shell out Rs 12,530 on an average for a couple’s one night accommodation, a pre-meal drink, dinner and taxi ride, the equivalent for a night in Beijing works out to Rs 8,870, Rs 9,018 in Bangkok , Rs 10,840 in Kuala Lumpur and Rs 12,419 in Macau.

In fact, south India as an entire region, is regarded the most expensive with an average TripIndex cost of Rs 8,537.50 followed by the west (Rs 8,186.16), east (Rs 6,344.75) and north (Rs 5,335.22).

Room rents down south are the highest in the country, costing on an average Rs 6,567.63 for a night.
However, justifying the cost, Mr Sachit Singhi of says, “Chennai is mostly a business traveller’s destination while Bangkok is for tourists.

Also, Bangkok has a greater number of budget hotels with a lower occupancy rate of 40 to 45 per cent compared to Chennai’s occupancy of 65 per cent and is able to subsidise costs.”

Despite the falling rupee, it seems a good idea for Chennaiites to plan a foreign jaunt, considering the cost.

There are many interesting options cheaper than the city itself, going by the index.

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