Crime file: Man killed over parking tiff; teachers cheated of gold; teen killed in BMW crash

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58-yr-old killed over parking tiff
Hyderabad: A man was killed after a bitter quarrel over a parking place in Nallagutta area in Ramgopalpet. The victim, who lived next to a textile shop in the area, used to have frequent disputes with one of the workers. His grievance was that the worker as well as the customers of the shop parked their vehicles in front of his house, making it difficult for him and his family members to pass.
On Friday the two had a scuffle over the same issue. In the heat of the argument the worker pushed him aside and his head hit the gate.The deceased, Mohammed Osman, 58, worked at Light Machine, Iron Cutter Works in Minister Road, and was a resident of Nallagutta, Ramgopalpet. He lived with his wife and they had no children.
The accused, Yusuf, a resident of Marredpally, works as a salesman for J.S. Casuals, a government-aided textile store next to Osman’s house. He would park his vehicle every day in front of Osman’s house, making it difficult for those living inside to enter or leave.
Even the customers who came to his shop parked their vehicles in front of his house. Osman asked Yusuf one day while he was parking, not to do so, but Yusuf paid no heed. He kept repeating his warning, but Yusuf turned a deaf ear.
A. Ganga Reddy, inspector of police Ramgopalpet said, “Time and again Yusuf  parked the vehicle in front of the house. Though Osman warned him repeatedly, he continued to do so. This made Osman angry.”
On Friday evening, Osman found Yusuf’s vehicle parked there again. He got agitated at the sight and a heated argument ensued. Yusuf punched Osmsan on his face and pushed him hard. The elderly man fell against the iron gate of his house and hit his head. He sustained grievous internal injuries.
Osman was shifted to Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, but was declared dead. Based on a complaint lodged by the victim’s family, a murder case under Section 302 has been registered and is being investigated.
Next: Woman held for boyfriend’s murder in Bengaluru

Woman held for boyfriend’s murder in Bengaluru
Bengaluru: The HSR Layout police claimed to have solved the murder of a 23-year-old employee of a cellular service provider with the arrest of his girlfriend, her brother and threeothers.
The victim, Shivashankar Reddy, a resident of Venkatapura, was murdered on August 21. He was in love with Shwetha and called her and texted her regularly. But Shwetha’s brother Ganesh, who came to know about the affair, threatened Reddy not to pursue his sister as her marriage had been fixed with Ramachandra.
The police have now arrested Shwetha (21), Ramachandra (23), Ganesh alias Appi (20), autorickshaw driver Kiran (20) and Shiva (23).
The accused hatched a plot and made Shwetha call Reddy to a restaurant in HSR Layout. When he arrived at the restaurant, the four men bundled him into Kiran’s autorickshaw and took him to an isolated place at ITI Layout in Hosapalya, where they beat him up. Reddy managed to escape and returned to his office in Koramangala. 
His colleagues rushed him to St John’s hospital, where he died, the police said. The case is still under investigation and a manhunt is on for three more accused, the police said.
Next: Man cheats 7 of Rs 4 crore

Man cheats 7 of Rs 4 crore
Chennai: A 41-year-old conman, who posed as a Supreme Court advocate and cheated seven persons of RS 4.01 crore by promising them to make a killing by purchasing auctioned property, was arrested in the city on Saturday.
He had reportedly cheated  others, including women, from various places across the state. A senior CCB police official said R. Dhakshinamoorthy of Vadapalani lodged a complaint with the commissioner of police, S. George, stating that D. Vijay Dhandapani, 41, claimed that he was practising as a lawyer in the apex court and specialised in debt management service.
Vijay assured him that his company, Trend­setters, operating out of Kodam­bakkam, was involved in purchasing properties auctioned through the debt recovery tribunal, for a low price and selling it for a higher price.
As a result, his clients were bound to get 4 to 6 per cent returns every month besides the initial investment amount. Hoping for hefty returns, Dhakshinamoorthy paid Rs 75 lakh to him. The accused, in turn, gave him post-dated cheques.
The cheques bounced when Dhakshina­moorthy deposited them in the bank. He filed a compliant with the commissioner two months ago.
A team, led by inspector P. Srinivasan, conducted preliminary investigations and found that Vijay had cheated six others, including devotees of Sai Baba temple, ECR, using a similar modus operandi.
The team established that he was not an advocate and had cheated the victims with the fake company Trendsetters. On a tip-off, Vijay was arrested in Nungam­bakkam on Saturday evening.
Next: 2 Lankans arrested, 50 fake credit cards seized

2 Lankans arrested, 50 fake credit cards seized
Bengaluru: The Cubbon Park police have busted a fake credit card racket and arrested two Sri Lankans, who, along with two accomplices in France and Kerala, had manufactured counterfeit credit cards in the name of various Indian and international banks, and made purchases in Bengaluru and Chennai worth over Rs 10 lakh. The two suspects in France and Kerala are absconding. Over 50 bogus credit cards have been seized, along with cash.
The arrested have been identified as Mahendar Karunraj (50), who stayed in Marathahalli, and Ashwin Kumar alias Ashwin (30), who was residing in Madurai. Both are class 12 pass outs from Sri Lanka.
The police said Mahendar visited both Bengaluru and Chennai regularly. In 2007, he was jailed by the Lanka police for committing a credit card fraud and a case was registered against him.
During interrogation, Mahendar revealed that he got into a textiles business, but suffered huge losses. He went back to his old ways as he wanted to lead a luxurious life without working hard, the police said.
Ashwin Kumar is one of the boat people who came into the country 10-12 years ago after his parents passed away in Lanka. He was working as a driver in Tamil Nadu before he came in contact with Mahendar and the duo decided to ‘get rich easy’.
With the help of one of Mahendar’s childhood friends in France, they got data on national and international banks necessary for their fraud, and paid for the services of their associates.
Mahendar’s another friend in Kerala was running a similar racket. He reportedly had an encoder machine, necessary to read and write credit card data, along with an embossing machine to print forged names and 16-digit numbers on the cards.
Mahendar told the police that he paid Rs 25,000 and Rs 23,000 respectively for these machines and bought them off his friend. He also bought plain plastic cards from Malaysia to print the fake credit cards.
They saved the credit card data on their laptops, operated the encoder machine using software called MSR 2000 that would enable reading and writing of the data, and then manufactured fake credit cards. Using the embossing machine, the duo would then print names and phony 16-digit numbers on the cards, which were then considered ‘ready to use’.
The police said Mahendar and Ashwin would use the cards at various hotels and pubs in Chennai and Bengaluru. They had purchased several items and sold them to people on the streets.
They, however, landed in the police net when Mahendar was captured on a CCTV camera when he made a purchase using one of the cards at a store in Chennai.
The police seized 50 fake credit cards, two laptops, one pendrive, ab encoder machine, embossing machine, and hard cash from the duo. The Cubbon Park police have registered a case against both and further investigations are on.
Next: Man cheats teachers of gold jewellery worth Rs 4 lakh

Man cheats teachers of gold jewellery worth Rs 4 lakh
Bellary: Four high school teachers in the city were cheated by a man who was holding a demonstration for health awareness on the school premises on Friday evening. He escaped with gold jewellery worth over Rs 4 lakh. 
The police said the cheat, who called himself Abdul Khaji and believed to be from Andhra Pradesh, had approached St John’s High School for conducting the health awareness demonstration for students and teachers.
School authorities allowed him to hold the demonstration inside classrooms. Since Friday morning, he held several sessions.
Towards evening, he took teachers Arogya Mary, Arogya Rani, Pratibha and B. Arogya and 14 students into a classroom. Applying the make-up on the teachers, he asked them to remove their jewellery and wrap it in a piece of cloth.
He placed pieces of cucumber on their eyes and asked them to wait for some time. As they kept their eyes closed, he said it was time for his evening prayers and that he would return in a while. He left the classroom with the jewellery. When Khaji did not return, teachers realised that they had been duped.
It is said that Khaji visited the school in Fort Area since August 26. He is said to have studied the activities of the school before approaching the authorities in the name of healthdemonstration. Cowl Bazar police have registered a case and are investigating.
Next: Minor killed in BMW crash, family survives

Minor killed in BMW crash, family survives
Hyderabad: A 13-year-old girl was killed and three others were injured when the BMW car they were travelling rammed into a tree early on Saturday morning at Dundigal.
J.N. Venkat, a medical doctor, his wife Sujatha and their twins Rishika and Rishvanth were going to Kompally in the BMW. They had reached Gandimaisammathe crossroads, when a speeding truck suddenly came from the opposite direction.
Venkat, trying to avoid colliding with the truck, rammed his car into a tree. Though Venkat, Sujatha and Rishvanth escaped with minor injuries, Rithika received fatal injuries.
By the time she was taken to a private hospital, she was declared brought dead, Dundigal police said. The incident took place at Gandimaisamma crossroads at around 2 am, when the family was returning home at Kompally after attending a private function at their relative’s house.
“According to the victim’s complaint, when they reached the crossroads, a speeding lorry suddenly came from the wrong direction, and Venkat tried to evade it. Then, the car rammed into the roadside tree.
Rishika sustained serious head injuries, while others in the car suffered minor injuries,” said Ch. Shoaban Babu, SI of Dundigal.
After the accident, the victims themselves called up the ambulance and were taken to the Narayana Hrudalaya hospital at Suraram. Rishika was declared brought dead.
The front side of the BMW, with a registration number AP 28 BQ 8118, has been damaged. Police has booked a case.

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