Crime file: Man murdered by ex-wife and two brothers

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Man murdered by ex-wife and two brothers
Bengaluru: A 30-year-old Nepali man was allegedly stabbed several times and beaten with an iron rod to death by his wife and her two younger brothers over a family dispute in Whitefield police limits on Wednesday night.
The deceased, identified as Sagar, was a resident of Viveknagar and an employee of a hotel in the same area. The accused are Sagar’s wife Anitha, and her two younger brothers, Suman and Roshan.
Sagar, and Anitha, both natives of Nepal, got married a few years ago; but the couple soon sought a divorce after fighting constantly. Two months ago, Anitha filed a dowry harassment complaint against Sagar at Viveknagar police station, saying the latter would go to her house regularly demanding money from her. The harassment, however, continued.
Around 11 pm on Wednesday night, Sagar reportedly went to Anitha’s house in Gandhipura, Whitefield, and began harassing her for money.
The couple got into a heated argument while Roshan and Suman witnessed the entire quarrel. Police said the accused claimed that Sagar hit one of them when the brothers tried to intervene, making them  lose their temper.
Anitha, along with her brothers, then allegedly smashed Sagar’s head with an iron rod lying in the house and stabbed him using a kitchen knife.
Hearing the screams, the owner of the house, Yousuf Khan, rushed upstairs to find Sagar lying dead in a pool of blood. The police were called and they rushed to the spot to arrest all the three accused.
A case has been registered with Whitefield police, who are probing the matter.
Next: Youth murdered by friends for molesting girl

Youth murdered by friends for molesting girl
Hyderabad: Four youngsters allegedly murdered their friend for misbehaving with a girl in a drunken condition at Dundigal. Vikas Purthy, 20, was a labourer in Nagarjuna Construction Company and a native of  Jarkhand. He had allegedly molested a girl, who lives in the same area as him.
His friends, who were with him at the time of the incident, took him away and murdered him, the police said. The four accused were arrested  on Thursday.
The accused are Suraj Munda, 20, Tharun Sheeku, 20, Sunil Suren, 21, and Mota Bhan Sing, 28. All are construction labourers staying at Mytas camp at Bachupally, the police said.
According to the Dundigal police, victim Vikas and the four accused had got drunk on Sunday night. “Vikas was used to eve-teasing on getting drunk. On Sunday night, he entered a woman’s house and tried to molest her.
His friends then took him out of the house and warned him. However, he was rude and asked them not to interfere in the matter,” Petbasheerabad ACP N. Srinivasa Rao said.
“When Vikas started abusing them, his friends took him near Baini lake and strangled him with a muffler,” the ACP said. The victim’s body was found on the banks of Baini lake, Bachupally last Monday with neck injuries. The accused have been booked under IPC Section 302.
Next: Salem doc held in kidney racket

Salem doc held in kidney racket
Dharmapuri: A special police team, busting an organ trade racket here, on Wedne­sday arrested a private doctor for introducing a human organ broker to patients of kidney failure.
M. Gan­­­esan, 53, a Salem-based doctor, was on Thursday sent to Salem central jail on orders of  Dharmapuri judicial court, said K. Parameswaran, DSP.
The DSP said his team had received a complaint from I. Kathavarayan, 31, of Pennagaram, whose father’s death due to kidney failure exposed the link between Ganesan and N.S. Ayyavu, a kidney broker from Sankagiri, Salem.
Parameswaran, expla­ining the doctor’s role in the kidney racket, said that Kathavarayan’s father, Iyer, 53, had been admitted in a private hospital in Salem following kidney failure and was in Ganesan’s care.
                                                                     M. Gan­­­esan
The doctor suggested that Iyer arrange to obtain a kidney through unofficial sources as they may encounter delays, getting the organ via the legal channels.
He then introduced Ayyavu, now also in Salem jail, to the petitioner, Katha­varayan. Kathavarayan unsuspectingly paid Ayyavu Rs 2 lakh and Ganesan Rs 1 lakh.
The broker arrang­ed for a woman, an illegal donor, identified by the police as Chitra of Pallipalayam, Namakkal district.
An application was sent to the approval committee, seeking permission to conduct renal transplant surgery on Iyer, and Chitra was presented as the wife ofa relative of Iyer’s, alleg­edly using  fake documents.
The approval committee rejected the application as the medical report showed two diffe­r­ent blood groups for Chitra.
Ganesan told the police that he had performed more than 80 kidney transplant surgeries in the last six years. The police will probe the genuineness of the donors from whom the kidney was removed to save those 80 recipients on whom Ganesan operated.
Next: Credit card blues for IIM professor

Credit card blues for IIM professor
Bengaluru: The credit card of an IIM-Bengaluru and IIM-Ahmedabad professor’s daughter has been extensively misused at various malls and shops. The professor’s daughter lost her card last month and delayed reporting the matter to the police which allowed the accused to have a free run, said police sources. After realising that some of the shopping malls where the accused had misused the credit card had video footage of the miscreant, the professor reported the matter to the police.
Dr D.V.R. Seshadri, who teaches at the IIMs has reported the matter to the Central Crime Branch (CCB) sleuths too who have laid a manhunt for the accused. The police suspect that the accused might be a part of a professional gang of fraudsters who are experts in misusing credit cards.
The professor claims that he is using the credit card for the past eight years and has two more add-on cards in the name of his wife and daughter. His daughter who is presently staying in USA is said to have lost the add-on card during her stay in Bengaluru on May 26.
She was not aware of the loss of the card till she received alerts after the accused misused the cards at various shopping malls across the city. The accused spent Rs 45,000 over a period of three hours on May 27, said an investigating officer.
After receiving the alerts, the bank’s credit card stolen division were informed on the same day and the card was blocked. They also filed a dispute application with the bank a few days later. Later the professor’s daughter left for the USA in the first week of June. Since the professor claims to be busy teaching at both IIMs, his assistant was authorised to co-ordinate with the respective investigating agencies, the officer said.
The complainant justifies the delay in reporting the matter to the police saying they wanted to inform the bank and check with the dealers.  The victim had also visited some of the places where the credit card was misused including some food outlets and a mall.
Next: Techie held for misusing card

Techie held for misusing card
Visakhapatnam: A service engineer at Bharti Airtel in the city was arrested by Cyber Crimes Investigation Cell (CCIC) on Thursday for misusing the debit card of a lecturer at a private college and purchasing electronic gadgets and a gold ring with it.
Additional deputy commissioner of police (special branch) Mohamoud Khan said A. Durga Prasad, lecturer in a private college in the city, withdrew some amount from HDFC ATM centre by using his ICICI debit card at Seethammadhara on May 20. He forgot the debit card in the ATM centre and went home.Rajesh Kumar Rangjan, who visited the same ATM on that day found the debit card and also the PIN, which was written on its back side.
Rangjan purchased a gold ring, a pair of trousers and a mobile phone at three different places soon after leaving the ATM centre.
Prasad, who got an SMS that some amount was debited from his account, immediately informed the bank authorities and asked them to block his card. Later, he lodged a complaint with III Town police .
Inspector of CCIC, B.V. Venkateswara Rao and his team investigated the case based on the information obtained from the mobile shop where the accused purchased a cell phone. The ICICI bank staff provided details of point of purchase transaction.
With the help of the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the accused mobile phone, cops got a clue about his whereabouts while he was using the mobile phone by inserting a new SIM card and finally arrested him.Rangjan is a native of Jharkhand .
Next: 3 steal Rs 13L from ATM

3 steal Rs 3L from ATM
Hyderabad: The city police on Thursday arrested three men for allegedly stealing Rs 13 lakh from the ATM booth of the ICICI Bank at Ameerpet, a fortnight ago.
The main accused in the heist has been identified as Nagendrudu, 27, the police said. He is said to be a custodian at the Righter’s Safeguard Company and used to use the password to fill the ATM machines.
He and his associates opened the machine with the password which he had memorised while filling the machines with cash. However, the police could recover only about Rs 8 lakh from the accused as he had spent the remaining.
The two other accused in the case are Sambasive Rao, 32, a software engineer at a private firm, and Kanakaiah, a labourer. All the arrested are residents of Chintal in Jeedimetla.
On June 4, The ICICI ATM near Green Land hotel, Ameerpet was opened and money was stolen. Based on a complaint lodged by the bank manager, the police registered a case and began investigations.According to N. Shankar detective inspector, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Nagendrudu had incurred a huge debt during his marriage on May 22.  According to the police, the indebtedness forced him to commit the theft.
Police said  he hatched the conspiracy with two of his accomplices to steal the money, which he wanted to pay back to those from whom he borrowed it. “On the day of the theft, when they entered the centre to open the machine, the accused damaged the camera first but their faces were already caught on the camera,” the detective said. “When employees of the company were questioned about the footage they immediately identified their colleague, Nagendrudu”, he added.
“We first had a suspicion as the machine was not damaged. The only possible way to open the machine is by using the password. When we asked them who has the password, they said Nagendrudru. When we tried calling him up, we found that his phone was switched off, the cop said.
and he had taken a long leave from the office after the incident.” The inspector said.“Out of the total 13 lakhs stolen, they returned only about 8 lakhs, as they had spent the remaining amount to meet their debts”, he added.
A case had been registered against the accused under sections 406,408,454, 380 of the IPC. They have been sent to the judicial remand, the police said.
Next: Man misuses debit card, held

Man misuses debit card, held
Visakhapatnam: A service engineer at Bharti Airtel in the city was on Thursday arrested by the Cyber Crimes Investigation Cell for misusing a lecturer’s  debit card and fraudulently purchasing a mobile phone, a pair of pants and a gold ring.
Additional deputy commissioner of police (Special Branch) Mohamoud Khan said A.  Durga Prasad, a lecturer in a city college had withdrawn some amount from an HDFC ATM centre by using his ICICI debit card on May 20. Prasad forgot his debit card inside the ATM centre.
Rajesh Kumar Rangjan, who visited the ATM on the same day, got the debit card and also found its PIN, which was written on the card. The accused purchased a gold ring, a pair of pants and a mobile phone at three different places soon after.
Prasad, who got an SMS of money being debited from his account, immediately asked the bank authorities to block his debit card and lodged a police complaint.

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