Crime file: Woman, lover kill mother-in-law; Man held for raping daughter, and more

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Woman and lover kill mother-in-law
Bengaluru: An illicit relationship that had lasted for four years ended in the murder of a witness, whom the accused considered a hindrance to their affair. In a cruel act spurred by the fear and guilt of being discovered, a 40-year-old woman and her paramour were arrested for the murder of the woman’s mother-in-law in JC Nagar police limits on Wednesday.
The deceased has been identified as Salimmunisa (62), who lived with her son Allah Bakash, his wife Parveen, and their children. The family resided in 1st cross, Ankappa Block, JC Nagar. Police said Salimmunisa was physically handicapped, and Parveen — who was a homemaker — had to take care of her.
Four years ago, Parveen met Rafiq (45), a scrap dealer, near her children’s school in Mavalli and the two began an illicit relationship. Rafiq would apparently come to Parveen’s house when her husband and children were away; and Parveen would lock her mother-in-law in her room from the outside.
Allah Bakash, who works as a luggage auto driver, reportedly found out about his wife’s affair a while ago and the two would have constant fights about the same. However, he did not know that Rafiq would come to his house when Parveen and Salimmunisa were alone.
Although Salimmunisa was locked inside the room whenever Parveen’s paramour would visit, she was unaware of the goings on between her daughter-in-law and Rafiq. However, Parveen was upset because she could not leave the house whenever she wanted and considered the 62-year-old a hindrance to her affair. With this in mind, the duo hatched a plan to eliminate Salimmunisa.
Around 5:30 pm on Wednesday, Allah Baksh dropped Parveen and his children at Parveen’s mother’s house in Shivajinagar. He later joined his family at 7:30 pm, and they headed back to their house in JC Nagar around 8:30 pm.
Upon reaching, they found the door slightly ajar and the house in complete darkness. Switching on the light, Allah Bakash found his mother slumped on the sofa as though asleep. When he tried to wake her, she did not respond. Realising she was dead; the couple laid out Salimmunisa’s body and called their relatives around 9:30 pm to inform them of the tragedy.
Next: Man held for raping daughter

Man held for raping daughter
Bengaluru: An auto driver who allegedly raped his 16-year-old daughter, has been arrested.  The victim gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday. The accused is Narayanaswamy, 45, a resident of New Timberyard Layout near Byatarayanapura.
He is married to Mahalakshmi for more than 20 years and has three children. The victim Sneha (name changed) is a first PU student. She gave birth to a baby at around 2 am on Thursday at Vani Vilas Hospital and reportedly told the police that she was being harassed sexually by her father for the past two years.
She claims that her father is responsible for her pregnancy and had threatened to murder her if she told anyone. Her mother Mahalakshmi, a garment factory employee, alleged that her husband was abusing Sneha for over a year.
She alleged that Narayanswamy was a habitual drunkard and harassed his children. The police said that Narayaswamy had extra marital affairs with three other women. “He will be subject to medical and other tests,” a police source said.
Next: Man kills aged parents

Man kills aged parents
Madurai: In a shocking incident, a man allegedly beat his aged parents to death in Sivakasi. Police said Chandrase­ka­­ran (76) and his wife Vasantha Devi (66) were living with their bachelor son Saravanan (37) at Vi­nayakar Colony in Siva­kasi.
While their two dau­ghters had settled in the sa­me town after marri­a­ge, their elder son Bal­a­mu­rugan had 13 years ago married his cousin (mother’s sister’s daughter) ag­ainst stiff opposition and has been living in North India.
Following their marriage, their aunt lodged a complaint against Bala­mu­ru­gan and his brother Saravanan blaming the latter for her daughter’s elopement. Police arrested Saravanan and a few years later, he was acquitted in the case.
Since then, Saravanan held a grudge against his brother Balamurugan for spoiling his life and fu­ture. He insisted that his parents not maintain a good rapport with his estranged brother. Me­an­while, Balamurugan wr­ote a letter to his parents last year, creates problem.
Next: 6 students consume pesticide in school

6 students consume pesticide in school
Namakkal: Six students from a private school in Namakkal district consumed pesticide on he school campus on Thursday afternoon and were rushed to the nearest government hospital after the principal insisted that the students bring their parents to school for their misbehaviour inside the campus.
The students, all of whom are aged 17, are reported to be in a stable condition and recovering. According to police, all the six students who attempted suicide studied in class 12 under the Arts stream at the Kandasamy Kandar Higher Secondary School in Velur, Namakkal district.
A few days ago, the students had written derogatory comments about a woman teacher and her male colleague on the campus walls. “When the principal found out that these six were behind the act, he demanded that they bring their parents to school or refrain from attending classes,” informed a police officer.
Afraid to go home and inform their parents about the act, the students consumed pesticide.
Next: Inter student slits throat

Inter student slits throat
Hyderabad: A student of Narayana College at Himayatnagar attempted suicide by slitting his neck in the college premises on Thursday evening. Ajay Kumar, 17, a resident of Hyderguda, tried to end his life after he failed in few subjects in his unit tests. He was shifted to a private hospital at Hyderguda where his condition was declared stable.
Meanwhile tension mounted at the college when student organisations protested, seeking an explanation from the college management. Ajay, an Inter second-year student, was found in a pool of blood inside the washroom of the college building.
“He cut his throat inside the washroom with a blade. When the watchmen came to shut the doors, they found him in a pool of blood. They informed us and the college management, who shifted him to the hospital,” said Narayanguda sub-inspector of police Jagannad.
Police said Ajay had been depressed after the results of unit tests were declared as he had failed in a few subjects. A case has been booked and an investigation is on.
Next: Forgers grab Rajendranagar land

Forgers grab Rajendranagar land
Hyderabad: Yet another incident of land grabbing on the outskirts of the city has surfaced. This time, the land grabbers produced forged documents allotting 20 acres in Rajendranagar to a person who died more than three decades ago.
However, activists dug out the documents related to the death of the person and certified copies from the Government of India denying any issue of allotment orders to the dead person.
The history of the case goes back to the Independence era when a person named Motilal Chandumal was allotted several hundred acres under a displacement law. But he never claimed it. Chandumal later settled in Maharashtra and died in 1976.
According to K. Kondal Rao, a local activist for Dalits, the land bearing Survey Numbers 289-296 were allotted to Chandumal by the government, but it was later cancelled and pattas were issued to the peasants who had been the occupants.
Hassnananda, who has been accused of grabbing the land, is a local businessman. Several others are also involved in the case. The fate of Survey No. 288 was never decided. “They created forged allotment orders in the name of Chandumal and also mutated the same land to themselves using forged signatures of revenue officials,” Kondal Rao explained.
However, investigations revealed that Chandumal died in 1976 more than three decades before the act of forgery. Kondal Rao also pointed out that the allotment orders were dated on Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday. No orders are issued on that day. Certified copies from government officials also proved the same.
Next: One held for money lending biz

One held for money lending biz
Kochi: Police busted an over Rs 1 crore money lending business in the city on Thursday and arrested a woman from Kadavantra on Thursday. According to police, Beena Sabu, 42, had been running an unlicensed money lending business in the city. On a complaint, police raided her house on Thursday and seized blank cheques, promissory notes, stamp papers and land title deeds which were used as security for lending money.
Maradu sub-inspector A.B. Vibin said that a rough estimate of the documents seized pointed to a racket running into more than Rs 1 crore. The raid was part of the ongoing state-wide ‘Operation Shylock’. Police acted on a complaint of by one Bindu Satyajit from Maradu who had borrowed Rs20 lakh from Beena in 2001. She had repaid around Rs47 lakh which included interest.
However, Beena started harassing her demanding another Rs 28 lakh towards interest. When this continued for quite some time, Bindu complained to the City Police Commissioner and Maradu police swung into action. Police are looking into how far she had spread her network and said that she was produced before the court which remanded her in custody.
Next: College commission agent kidnapped

College commission agent kidnapped
Chennai: A former student of a private engineering college on OMR and now working as a commission agent for bringing in students from the north was allegedly kidnapped from his house in Injambakkam early Thursday.
According to the police, Pankaj Kumar, who was bundled into a car from his house, had been bringing in students from his native state of Bihar on a commission basis. He was putting up a few students of the college in his house.
Rival gang of 15 youths behind agent’s kidnap
Early Thursday morning, a gang of 15 youths arrived in two cars and knocked on the door of his house  of Pankaj, a former student of a private engineering college on OMR and now working as a commission agent for bringing in students from the north.
When Pankaj opened the door, the gang members attacked him with a sickle. The students who were sleeping, woke up, hearing the noise, and were threatened at gun-point by the gang. The intruders pushed the students into a room before ta­king away Pankaj, who is the son of a businessman.
It was believed that Pankaj Kumar had a rival gang, engaged in a similar business of bringing in students from other states to certain engineering colleges. “We think that the rival gang, based in Kott­ivakkam, was behind the kidnapping because of a clash of business interests,” a senior police officer said. “We are hopeful of rescuing Pankaj toni­ght itself,” he added.
The suburban areas of Chennai have been witnessing regular clashes between gangs that are engaged in bringing in students from other states. Last year, the police ar­r­ested two youths with gu­ns from the same area after they were allegedly involved in a similar clash.

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