Families want Kasab hanged

May 3: Reactions of the families of the victims of 26/11 attacks:

Kavita Kar-kare (wife of Hemant Karkare): Kasab should be hanged immediately. He should not be allowed to appeal against the verdict. It defeats the pu

rpose of justice if people who have been given penalties continue to live under appeal.

Smita Salas-ar (wife of Vijay Salaskar): Kasab is just a small pawn in the entire world of terrorism. His handlers and the conspirators sitting in Pakistan should be brought to book too. I am really happy that the verdict came in early because of the special court trying the case exclusively. But I am disappointed as Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin have been acquitted. They should be hanged before Ajmal Kasab as they are insiders waging war against their own nation. I have become strong in the last two years and me and my daughter who is studying in the United Kingdom are facing the world.
Kalpana Pawar (wife of Ambadas Pawar who was killed at CST): Kasab should be punished severely. Hanging him is not enough. But we are happy with the court’s verdict. We were waiting for this moment ever since the trial began. I have been following the news of the trial. My husband was everything to me. All of us in our family feel incomplete without him. Today it seems that we have finally got justice for losing him. We would be happier if he is hanged to death.

Vaishali Omble (Tukaram Omble’s daughter): Kasab should be hanged without further delay. Even while my examinations are going on for a Masters degree in education, I could not sleep the entire night and was just waiting for the verdict. I am happy that Kasab has been pronounced guilty. That is the only consolation for my father’s bravery.

Vivek Jadhav (brother of homeguard Santosh Jadhav killed at CST): Everyone in our family has come to the court and we were anxious from morning to hear the verdict. We are all satisfied by the verdict and hope that by hanging Kasab, no other youngster dares to do something like this in the future.

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