Jayalalithaa trashes Karunanidhi criticism

Jayalalithaa AIADMK.jpg

Chennai: Chief minister J. Jayalalithaa on Sunday rubbished DMK president M Karunanidhi’s criticism of her stay at Kodanadu and pointed out that she had been all along discharging duties effectively and her being away from capital Chennai did not matter in this day of modern technology.
“Is Kodanadu in London? Or is it in Karnataka? It is a place in Tamil Nadu, where tea estate workers and tribals live. Is it such a big sin to stay here for a few days?
All fair-minded people will accept that I have been quickly discharging official work even while staying at Kodanadu for a few days”, the CM said in a hard-hitting statement that listed out her many recent administrative measures.
Slamming DMK president M Karunanidhi as a selfish politician whose administration of the state had only served his family and not the people, she said by faulting her stay at Kodanadu, he was talking like a “stone-age man” and exposing his ignorance of what modern communication facilities could do for effective administration.
“It is important whether the chief minister is taking determined, selfless, just and impartial decisions on any issue or the decision is taken with selfishness taking into account only his own family interests. It is not important from where the decisions are taken”, CM pointed out.
She recalled her quick and firm response to the Centre’s proposal to divest NLC shares and said, “Only on my advice and guidance, there was a way to buy these shares on behalf of public sectors of the Tamil Nadu government and a smooth solution was arrived at”.
On the other hand, Karunanidhi as CM had spent most of his time attending felicitations, movie functions and securing positions for members of his family, she said. “The administration had frozen then. People are aware of this truth”.

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