Monsoon triggers asthma cases


Bengaluru: The monsoon has brought relief to the city, but it has also spawned an army of viruses. Hospitals in the city have been seeing an increase in the number of chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD) and allergic precipitating asthma cases since the onset of monsoon.
Children below five years of age, patients who are on steroids and the elderly are among the high risk group of COAD. Around 65% of respiratory infections, which trigger asthma attacks, are reported this time of the year, said Dr H. Paramesh, Senior Pulmonologist and Medical Superintendent, Lakeside Medical Hospital.
Monsoon is the season when the concentration of grass pollen in the air increases and most of the fungi bloom, affecting the people, especially the children and elderly, who have low immunity. Those who are allergic to dust and suffering from asthma are likely to develop COAD. “During June and July, we get about 70% of children below five years, 23% children above five years and about 10% of adults with COAD,” he said.
Dr Dwijendra Prasad, Consultant, Internal Medicine, BGS Global Hospital, said, “The number of cases of viral cold and cough, allergic precipitating asthma and precipitating chest infection increases once the monsoon sets in. Children are among the worst hit. Apart from low immunity, they get drenched in the rain, and their feet and shoes remain cold for a long time, putting them at a risk of developing chest infection.”
Dr Aravind Gubbi, Managing Director, Sahana Hospital, said, “We have been getting a lot of patients with COAD and allergic asthma for the last couple of days. Today, we had two cases of bronchitis precipitating asthma at our hospital.”
He said, “During monsoon a lot of viruses float in the air. The allergic pollen and dust enter the body affecting the respiratory system. People with antibody deficiency, children and those on steroids are at higher risk. It is advisable to wear masks and drink boiled water during the rainy season.” 

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