Opposition attacks Centre on price rise

New Delhi, Aug. 3: The government was roundly criticised by both its friends and foes in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday when the House began discussion on a motion to discuss the impact of rising prices on the common man.

Initiating the debate for the BJP, the Leader of the Opposition, Ms Sushma Swaraj lashed out at the government for is failure to control spiralling prices. She urged the government to wake up from its slumber and provide relief to the common man.

Accusing the government of being “insensitive” to the sufferings of the common man, Ms Swaraj said that not only Opposition parties but even those belonging to the ruling party were concerned about rising prices.

Criticising the government for raising the prices of LPG and kerosene, Ms Swaraj said that while this was being done on the pretext that oil companies are losing money, they are actually earning profits.

Alleging that the government is responsible for high food inflation, the Samajwadi Party president, Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav, said, the increasing trend helped the 10 per cent of rich people in the country.

“Inflation is for rich to earn more. But it is an enemy for common man, which takes way their happiness,” he said, adding that about 40 to 50 per cent people are there in the country, who do not get food even once in a day.

Participating in the debate, the JD(U) chief, Mr Sharad Yadav, claimed that while the government realises the problems created by price rise, it was finding it difficult to take corrective steps.

Attacking the government over the absence of several ministers from the House during the debate, he said while the Prime Minister could be busy with his schedule, the agriculture minister, Mr Sharad Pawar, was “loaded” with responsibilities and was busy with national and international cricket.

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