Rage singes pregnant woman too


Bengaluru: In a sign that Namma Ben­g­aluru is becoming inc­re­asingly intolerant, and the police unequal to the task of guarding our city, Ani­tha, a pregnant wo­man and her husband were rou­g­hed up by a group of dru­nk motorcyclists on Sun­day as she was being driven into the city at 8.30 pm.
Her crime? Anitha’s husband IAF Squadron Lea­der D. Ravi Kiran (30) was driving slowly trying to avoid craters on the notorious New Airport Road. Their car was bloc­ked by three scooters  –  one of them driven by a woman – and the windows smashed as they approa­ched Cant­onment Railway station.
There’s more. On Fri­day, Kaveri Ponnappa, 51, mother of badminton cha­mp Ashwini, was subjected to verbal abuse by the taxi dr­iver, despite the fact that it was he who ram­med her vehicle from beh­ind on Richmond Road.
No one came to her rescue as the taxi driver rained blows on the car and she sat inside.               
Rage rules on Namma city roads
IAF officer, wife manhandled
A 30-year-old Squadron Leader of the Indian Air Force (IAF) and his pregnant wife were allegedly harassed and manhandled by a group of drunk scooterists near the Cantonment railway station at around 8.50 pm on Sunday, but were saved from further harm by passers-by who came to their rescue.
The scooterists, who were in their early twenties and included a girl, sped away on three different scooters when confronted by the angry crowd that had gathered around. The police has launched a hunt for  them based on the registration number of one of the scooters noted down by some of the witnesses to the incident.
Squadron Leader D. Ravi Kiran was on his way to the Air Force Officers Mess at  Trinity Circle from the Yelahanka Air Force station,with his pregnant wife, D Anitha, when he came across the drunk scooterists driving rashly near the Cantonment station.
The officer had to frequently apply his brakes to avoid hitting them and the jerks began to hurt his pregnant wife, the police said. But the youth allegedly continued to harass them,  abruptly bringing their scooters before their car and refusing to listen to his plea that his pregnant wife could be hurt.
Enraged at the squadron leader taking their photographs  on his mobile phone, they  began following the car, repeatedly banging it from the rear  and the side where his wife was seated.
Finally, they forced  the young IAF officer to stop his car about 200 meters away from the railway station by blocking his way and then started to break the windshield, hurling abuse all the while at  him and his wife.  At one point they attempted to pull them out of the car,  manhandling  them through the windows and even threatening to kill them, the  police said.
Cabbie harasses badminton player’s mother
In another horrifying incident of  road rage ,  51 year old Kaveri Ponnappa,  mother of India’s leading badminton player, Ashiwini Ponnappa, was on Friday abused and her car damaged by a taxi driver on Richmond Road. 
Mrs Ponnappa was driving to her office in Jayanagar area when a yellow board taxi crashed into her bumper at around 1.30 pm on the road. When she alighted from the car to inspect the damage and question the driver, he began to shout and abuse her.
Sensing danger,  she got back into her car and raising the windows, locked the doors. But the ordeal had just begun as when she started her car, the cab driver began to demand payment  for damages. He became more enraged when she said the matter should be settled at a  police station.
“He  started banging on the car doors, hitting and kicking at them. It was shocking and traumatising.  I then drove quickly to the police”, said a visibly shaken Mrs Ponnappa.
But by the time the traffic constables began looking for the errant driver, he had disappeared. "I work for an insurance company and so know that neither  his car nor mine was badly damaged.  It was his behaviour, which made me think, is this city really safe anymore, especially for women," she said.
Mrs  Ponnappa now intends  to meet additional commissioner of police (traffic) M A Saleem and bring up the need to make the city  safer for women drivers.
But passers-by rushed to the couple's rescue and physically restrained the hooligans. Sensing public anger, the drunk youth sped away. One of the scooters appeared to be a white Kinetic Honda and the registration number noted down by the eyewitnesses  belonged to the Davanagere RTO, according to the police. Further investigations are on.
Two students were arrested for attempted murder after they wounded a motorist for allegedly brushing against them when they crossed the road. Sumith, a building contractor, was driving past Cauvery Emporium when two students stepped in front of his car. Unable to stop in time, the vehicle brushed them. Verbal abuse led to a fight and resulted in one of the boys whipping out a knife and stabbing Sumith in the abdomen.
Karthik and his wife Geetha, architects in an IT firm in Domlur, were assaulted by four auto drivers on Kudlu Main Road. A minor clash sparked off an argument, resulting in one of the men breaking Karthik’s right arm.
Santhosh Kumar (26) was stabbed to death by three miscreants in M.S. Palya after a car hit his bike from behind when he was going over a road hump. This triggered an argument between Santhosh and the three men in the car. He died of excessive bleeding in hospital.
Road rage is an aggressive or angry behaviour by a driver of an automobile or other motor vehicle. Such behaviour might include rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe or threatening manner, or making threats. Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults, and collisions which result in injuries and even deaths.
There are many conditions associated with road rage, including traffic congestion, driving habits, weather conditions, noise levels, time constraints. Sometimes, it can be an instructive response to careless driving by another driver.
Road rage involves speeding and aggressive acceleration, tailgating, cutting others off, weaving in and out of traffic, revengeful feeling, etc.

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