Speed governor scam: Lives at risk

The multi-crore speed governor scam plaguing Haryana is not only causing a whopping loss to the state exchequer but also compromising with lives of people. As investigations by this newspaper reveal that fake speed governors are now being installed in commercial vehicles. The criminal intent on part of the State Transport Authority officials and the transporters is obvious as this is being done deliberately knowing fully well that innocent lives are being endangered.

Sources said the main reason for installing fake speed governors is to reduce cost. While an original speed governor costs anything between `5,000 to `6,000, a fake may cost half the amount. But here’s the catch.
At least three key components in the fake speed governor are either missing or their technical specifications are compromised — the electronic control unit, fuel control valve and the speed sensor.
As per the guidelines issued by the State Transport Authority a speed governor has to match specific technical guidelines laid down by them. Further, the equipment has to be approved by government laboratories like the ARAI, Pune or ICAT, Manesar. Even a slightest variation in the equipment has to be ratified by these two agencies.
But the norms are being flouted regularly with the state government turning a blind eye to a scheme that was initiated at the directions of the Punjab and Haryana high court.
Most of these fake speed governors are being manufactured by fly by night operators who have set up temporary units across the state. “It’s a well-organised racket. Interestingly, these units came up only after the scheme was implemented in January, 2011. Some of these factories are running out of one room only,” a source revealed.
What such manufacturers, sources added, of such fake equipment do is that they get the approval for a particular equipment. But then they change the product, altering the technical specifications and design, that is sold in the market to bring down the cost.
“What is shocking is that the transport inspector while checking the vehicle knows that the speed governor is fake but still they give the fitness certificate,” an official added. So if the key components of the speed governor are altered then it cannot regulate the vehicles speed and the basic purpose of its installation gets defeated.

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