Tough plenary ahead for Radiagate-ridden Congress

Corruption and coalitions have become relevant once again in the changing political scenario and are likely to dominate the 83rd Congress plenary session being held here on Sunday (December 19).

If Rajiv Gandhi’s historic speech at the Congress centenary session held in Mumbai on December 28, 1985, had highlighted how power brokers were influencing the system, “Radiagate” has exposed the nexus between lobbyist, power brokers, politicians and the media.
The 2G, CWG, Adarsh housing scam, the role of Niira Radia and the dominant corporate sector trying to control political parties and influence the Cabinet formation, are expected to figure in the Congress plenary directly or indirectly. This is because these issues have put the government on the defensive.
The Congress party cannot even blame its allies for the 2G spectrum allocation scam because its own leaders are facing inquiries in the CWG and Adarsh irregularities. Earlier, the Congress loyalists blamed the NCP ministers for the price rise, but this time they are tight-lipped on the issues of corruption.
The Congress might be playing a secondary role in West Bengal but the 2G scam gave it strength in Tamil Nadu ahead of the state Assembly polls. This is because its senior ally — the DMK is not in a bargaining position this time. It needs the Congress more than the latter in the electoral battle.
And that is the reason why the Congress managers are not worried whether the Karunanidhi-led party would remain with the UPA.
Rajiv Gandh, in his address at the Mumbai centenary session had said “Millions of ordinary Congress workers throughout the country are full of enthusiasm for the Congress policies and programmes. But they are handicapped, for on their backs ride the brokers of power and influence, who dispense patronage to convert a mass movement into a feudal oligarchy. They are self-perpetuating cliques who thrive by invoking the slogans of caste and religion and by enmeshing the living body of the Congress in their net of avarice.”
Corruption issue had also dominated in the Congress’ 81st plenary session held in Bengaluru in March 2001. That time the party was in the Opposition. In her opening remarks, the Congress chief Sonia Gandhi had said “The BJP and its partners have created a very shameful situation in the country. Entire government machinery is corrupt. the PM is still trying to save the culprits. Whatever is happening during this regime is cheating the country and treachery.”
She further said “Corruption is resorted to by those who spent their whole time in mud-slinging and character assassination of the Congress.”
And in the 82nd party plenary held in Hyderabad in January 2006, Mrs Gandhi said “We have to eliminate the effect of money-power and pysical-power.”

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