We deserve a better govt

In the last three years we have never seen the economy in a solid position. Inflation has been very high throughout. People are bearing the brunt of the the UPA-2 government’s bad economic policies. So to suggest that moving a No-Confidence Motion is not a good idea when the economy is unsteady is wrong.

The UPA government has indulged in blatant loot of national resources all these years. Such was the level of corruption perpetrated under the UPA government headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that Union ministers have been to jail on corruption charges. A number of bureaucrats serving in ministries of the Union government have been indicted by the courts. A number of corporate houses have colluded with this government to loot our national resources. We have seen a number of corporate leaders and their top executives being sent to jail.

This UPA government is so scam-tainted that it has no moral right to continue. The people deserve to get rid of it as it has ceased to enjoy the confidence of the people. Therefore, it is incumbent on us to move a No-Confidence Motion against this government. The people of the country want and deserve a new government.

The UPA government is squarely responsible for the poor shape the country’s economy is in. Three years is a long time and there is still no control on runaway prices, which in fact have been rising since the last year of the first UPA government. The economy is in a shambles. Unchecked corruption at all levels has complicated the economic climate further and led to the sapping of investor confidence. The UPA government has also bred crony capitalism. It is the poor who have borne the brunt of corruption.

Three years ago the Manmohan Singh government had announced that it would provide jobs to five crore people. How many have found employment? Also, what is the percentage of commitme­nts made to the people that has been fulfilled. There is simply no answer to these questions. But th­o­se on government side unashamedly try to in­stil fear in the people by arguing that the economy is passing through tough ti­m­es (and hence a no-tr­ust vote should be avoided).

The UPA government does not have any remorse for having made the lives of the people tough. All the arguments about the state of the economy are a joke in poor taste and indeed a smokescreen to hang on to power even after having lost the trust of the country. The most cruel joke was cracked by none other than the Prime Minister who, while defending his government’s economic reforms on September 21, said that money did not grow on trees. The people of this country do not want to tolerate this government any mo­re.

The UPA government’s decision to allow FDI in multi-brand retail, which was a violation of the promise to Parl­ia­me­nt, its capping of subsidised LPG cylinders to six per household a year, and hiking the price of diesel, has further burdened the people. The women have been the worst sufferers under the present dispensation. Therefore, this government deserves to be thrown out of office.

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