Your power bill to go up soon

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Thiruvananthapuram: A new domestic power tariff structure, which will generate additional mont-hly revenue of Rs  736 crore, and probably force consumers to use power responsibly, has been proposed by the debt-ridden KSEB.  The new structure will do away with the telescopic nature of tariffs. This means that a household consuming, for inst-ance, 130 units a month, will have to pay ` 3.30 (the new rate proposed for the 121-150 slab) for all the 130 units; which is a total of
Rs 429 (Fixed charges, energy charges and surcharge will be extra).
Under the existing telescopic system, the calculation is done in a layered manner. The first 40 units will be charged at Rs 1.50 a unit, the next 40 (41-80 units) at Rs  2.40, the third 40 (81-120 units) at Rs 2.90 and the final 10 units (121-130 units) at Rs  3.60;which is a total of ` 308.
“The present telescopic rates adopted are not based on the “ability to pay” principles and it goes to subsidise even the well- to- do consumers to some extent,” said KSEB in a submission made to the Electricity Regulatory Commission. Further, the Board felt that the telescopic system does not provide any incentive for reducing the energy usage.
According to the Board, the consumption of “subsidized domestic sector” has been increasing and prese-ntly accounts for approximately 49 per cent of the total energy consumed in the State. In other states, it is between 25 and 30 per cent. “Consequently, the peak demand in the State is about 50 per cent higher than during off-peak hours. This has forced KSEB to invest more to meet the peak demand and also to purchase electricity from outside the State at higher rates,” the KSEB note said.
Bad monsoons has resul-ted in an unprecedented in-crease in the cost of power purchase by about `Rs 2500 crore, the Board argues.

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