Strauss-Kahn has 'huge sexual appetite', says ex-lover

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A lawyer who claims to have had a secret nine month affair with Dominique Strauss-Kahn before he dumped her has said the former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief has a ''huge sexual appetite''.

The woman named only as Marie-Victorine M, now 38, said that Strauss-Kahn enjoyed ''forceful lovemaking'' during their clandestine trysts in Paris, and that she attempted suicide after being dumped.

She said the affair took place in 1997, with Strauss-Kahn married at the time to current wife Anne Sinclair, The Telegraph reports.

Marie-Victorine described Strauss-Kahn as having a ''huge sexual appetite'' and being a ''serial manipulator of women'', but claimed that he had never forced her to have sex.

“I was 23 and he was 47. I couldn''t believe what had happened. He asked me for my number and we met later in a hotel bar in Paris. We both knew exactly what was going to happen,” she said.

“We carried on meeting in a lavish apartment in Paris that he said belonged to a friend. During this time, he was made a minister in the French government. The relationship was physically intense, but not violent. Is a man violent if he pushes you against a wall to kiss you? He has a huge sexual appetite and can push things too far,” she added.

Strauss-Kahn is currently on bail in New York for allegeding raping a hotel maid in the city, and denies the rafts of allegations against him in the US and France.

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