Hire Hindu cars, nurses, says VHP

Adding to the communal polarisation taking place in the state, the VHP has announced the formation of a Hindu Helpline. The helpline unofficially provides Hindu nurses, Hindu car drivers and cars owned by Hindus for the needy.

The helpline also aids travelling Hindus to get details of accommodation, textile shops, and grocery and vegetable shops as per their wish. The trend is gathering momentum and recent communal developments are aiding it.

The helpline, which was formed in retaliation to the ‘love-jihad’ campaign, however has changed its colours and have extended offering the support of all kinds for Hindus.

A website is also run by the volunteers with a mobile number and landline number as contact numbers. The helpline is active on Facebook also with several members regularly updating details.
Commenting on the recent developments, CPM MP M.B. Rajesh opined that such issues were clear evidence of the communal polarisation happening here. “It is hard to accept that secular Kerala is going on the lines of Gujarat. The minority communities are making the most out of the current political scenario, and are trying to divide Kerala on the basis of religion.”

Congress MLA V.T. Balram said the trend was unfortunate. “Even political leaders are trying to appease religious organisations. They are not straight and are not focusing on the larger issues,” he said.

The recent ‘green blouse’ and ‘green jacket’ incidents were examples of the changes happening in the mindset of the people, he said, adding, “Recently, when I posted a Facebook update on V.K. Ibrahim-kunju’s recent remark that IUML was ruling the state, most of the comments I received were of a religious nature. I received more than 500 comments, most of them communal,” he said

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