Awakening the conscience

At times the reason for our present problems lie in our subconscience mind, and without knowing this, we look for solutions everywhere. However, intuitive healing helps us solve our problems by awakening our conscience and clearing the blocks that cause pain or behavioural changes.

Intuitive healing is a form of healing where the healer, whose intuition is awakened, connects with universal consciousness as well as the energy of the person requesting the healing. Having established this connection, the healer is made aware of the areas that are blocked, the reasons for these blocks and how to work with the person (requesting healing) to resolve these.
The intuitive healer may see images, hear words or have a knowing about the root cause of the challenge. These root causes are often subconscious and at times may not even be in the active memory or knowledge of the person. Root causes are usually found in three main areas — present life incidents experienced from conception till date — including womb vows made by the child’s soul to the mother, past life incidents and ancestral patterns that are being energetically handed down.
Some real life examples will explain this. Ashish requested healing for his brother Dev, who gets violently angry. The healer clears the anger from an incident that happened when Dev was 2-years-old. Dev, though unaware of this healing, becomes significantly calmer. In another session an ancestral pattern — the woman of the house feeling unappreciated — handed down energetically from mother to daughter, is cleared for seven generations and Malati finds that she is now able to voice her opinions. The healer sees a past life where a young priest is jealous of an elderly nun, these souls are now son and mother in conflict. On hearing this, Rita finds herself feeling lighter and no longer gets triggered by her son’s behaviour.
The intuitive healer works on the energy of the person and also empowers them with information to consciously make the changes they want.
One of the concerns with intuitive healing is privacy, as the person undergoing healing may not want the details of incidents to be known. In such cases, the intuitive healer just needs to connect with the energy of the blockages and work on the emotional aspects without needing to get into details. For example one may see a blockage in the heart and can work on releasing the pain and grief of that block without having to know who or what caused that block.
Intuitive sessions help people understand themselves and the patterns in their lives better. Sessions can also be used to connect with guides and masters to receive guidance or to work on opening certain abilities. These sessions are informational, empowering and enable more peace, joy and freedom.

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