Awakening of divine feminine

As we enter the yin water snake Chinese New Year 2013, a spiritual saga heralds the birth of a new consciousness. Some may call it the return of innocence with the awakening of the feminine goddess spirit, the yin energy.
It is the nature’s law to balance the worlds of the moon and the sun, the dark and bright, black or white, the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine. The spiritual space understands the division, as both must coexist to bring the necessary balance.
We had a blissful world earlier, then ambition guided by yang energies lead to full swing development. But these masculine or the yang energies began to dominate the entire existence which resulted in an imbalance.
While in the golden times, a balanced yin-yang resulted in creations with intellect, vision and inspiration. Even the culture of our music tells us this. The meaningful melodies of the yesteryears compared with the shallow lyrics of today’s times are an example of an imbalance. What is worse is women matching the machismo instead of the feminine magic residing within them.
The good news is there are the omens that she is back. And people are unable to turn a deaf ear to her calling. Creativity and inspiration wants to cut away monotony. Listen to her despite the delusions and the material charms. Let us explore what this calling mean for men and women in simple parlance
For the men, the goddess energy advises them to loosen up a little and explore the divine feminine creativity within. It is also the time to give back to all the women around you who have nurtured you, including the Mother Earth. Respect them and allow them put down the weapons and pull the claws in. Respect their magnificence and allow them to source their power as this power carries the energy for nurturing and love.
For the women, the divine feminine inspires you to become the divas you are meant to be. Listen to your wisdom that allows you to be you and shows you the way to restore the balance the world needs. You alone can contain the world’s chaos. It is not the aggressive but your celestial wisdom that can cast a spell on the disarray. Finally it is time to spread the wings and soar to the sky and show the way.
Overall for everyone, the goddess asks us to be far from anger, to be more creative, nurturing, more giving and to make music and dance to the rhythm of our soul. She inspires us to express and allow expression of emotions. She asks us to charm and mesmerise other with our soul’s power, to allow healing and harmony and to sow the intention of hope and faith.
So in whatever form she appeals to your inner spiritual needs or outer material ones, invoke her and ask her to hold the lantern for you. Let’s celebrate her return as love brews in her cauldron.

The writer is a runes expert. Send your queries with DOB at

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