Breath of new life

Our body is a giant storage mechanism for emotions, traumas, memories and knowledge. As per Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotions, our bodies are the subconscious mind which stores everything that we have experienced, including past life memories. And one can visit and release these memories through the process of rebirthing breathwork.
When we breathe, oxygen is extracted by our lungs and sent to every cell in the body. By being connected to every cell, our breath holds the key to unlocking the subconscious mind to release traumas, emotions and memories that are creating ill health or other disturbances.
Rebirthing breathwork was re-introduced to the modern world by Leonard Orr based on his supposed study of immortal yogis in the Himalayas.
While this breath must only be practiced with a trained practitioner, this process of breathing involves three steps. The first is that the inhalation needs to be deep enough to ensure an expansion of the abdomen. Second is that the breaths need to be connected, there should be no pause between inhalation and exhalation. And the third is that speed of the breath should be faster than our normal breathing pattern.
As one begins breathing in this manner, almost immediately a change in the body can be experienced. The body relaxes and the person starts feeling slightly light. The rebirthee experiences a myriad of sensations such as tingling, numbness and sometimes pain. As the rebirthee continues to breathe and follow the instructions of the rebirther (the trainer), they experience these sensations moving through different parts of the body as the emotions and traumas are released.
Rebirthing sessions usually last 45 minutes and towards the end, a feeling of lightness and floating is experienced, the breath becomes very subtle and the rebirthee moves into a meditative space.
During the rebirthing experience, rebirthees become attuned with their subconscious mind and connect with childhood memories and emotions that are stuck. At times the rebirthee effortlessly goes into past life regressions or starts channeling information from spiritual guides. This process can also lead to releasing any present lifetime birth traumas. The complete rebirthing process is done by invoking each of the five elements of earth, water (both hot and cold), fire, air and space as each element brings to awareness different blocks.
Those who have experienced even one session of rebirthing breathwork feel more in touch with themselves and find it easier to meditate and manifest. This method has helped people open up their intuitive channels, heal their bodies, relationships, finances and connect to their guides. When the rebirthing process is seen clairvoyantly, it looks like every breath increases the light in the body and this divine light dispels any darkness being stored!

Pallavi is a intuitive healer and the founder of Mpower108. You can send her your queries at

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