Hair’s the star for this stylist


Celebrity hairstylist Alison Dace has been responsible for creating the iconic looks of actors like Jennifer Aniston, Adam Garcia and Faye Dunaway, among others. Alison, who is the creative director of Saks UK, was in India recently, and answered a few questions about what’s inspired her work in her two-decade career.

On what inspires her styling work: I am definitely inspired by real life and fashion, combined. I am constantly looking out for inspiration, with my eyes wide open at all times. I try to make my work fashion forward, and the next hair “must have”.

On what is “good” and “bad” styling for hair: I think a successful style is when you find the shape that suits you best. Everyone is an individual and finding that perfect look for you is something both you and your hairdresser need to work at. Bad styling to me, is when you overdo a trend. I firmly believe that less is more.

Misconceptions about styling: The misconceptions I’ve come across are mostly related to colouring. I have heard many fears that people have surrounding colour and lots of old wives’ tales. Possibly one of the most common misconceptions related to hair is if I pull out a strand of white hair, many more will grow in its place!

One look from the past she’d have loved to create: I would have liked to create the shaggy Meg Ryan do. I think this look is a wonderful style that can work well for young to older women.

A great era in styling: For me, the 1960s were gorgeous. I think the styling was a lot freer and so feminine and sexy.

The one principle that guides her styling work: Making women look fresh and sexy!

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