The life of a pilates queen

Namrata Purohit, one of the world’s youngest Pilates (pronounced “pi – lah – teez), a form of gentle exercise, trainers and India’s under — 16 National Squash Champion, talks about her passion.
At the age of 19, Namrata Purohit became the world’s youngest Pilates trainer and even created a name for herself in national level squash. The young lady, who runs the Pilates and Altitude Training Studio in Mumbai along with her father, is a known face among top notch Bollywood stars and even sports personalities, thanks to her training skills.

Pilates and squash:
It was natural for me to take to this profession since I’ve grown up seeing my father train other people. It took just one session for me to take up Pilates training with a passion.

Being a trainer:
Considering my age and stature, when I am about to instruct someone they have this “Will she be able to train me?” expression on their faces. But over the last couple of years, people have begun to have confidence in me, thankfully!

Celebs and hot shots:
It’s extremely motivating when my clients warm up to me during the sessions. Most of them are very cooperative and understanding. I used to wonder if people would actually take my advice seriously. It doesn’t matter who the person is. My aim is to make sure they benefit from my advice.

My biggest challenge was to gain people’s confidence. A young instructor such as I, finds that people usually hesitate to interact with us. It took me a while to build some goodwill among my clients, but when I did, there was no looking back.

The diva in me:
Being in this field has taught me discipline. From being a carefree typical naughty teenager, I turned out to be a fitness trainer for others.

I am juggling between my studies and the training. It’s important for me to hold a strong educational background.

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