‘Modelling enhances you’

Everyone knows the bewitching beauty as Miss Mexico. A few minutes with Elisa Nájera Gualito is all it takes for one to figure out how focused and self-assured this Mexican supermodel is. During her tour of India, we caught up with the gorgeous diva in an exclusive on her best memories of her career, her love for India, and more.

Modelling and how it all started:
I started modelling as a hobby when I was 16. I got into the Miss Mexico pageant just by chance when one of my friends sent my contact to the organisation handling Miss Mexico.

Winning the Ms Mexico title:
I was extremely shocked and happy to know the result. I knew that I had high chances of winning and I was confident but you never know for certain what the result may be.

Preparing for the Miss Universe pageant:
Just after winning Miss Mexico I started to prepare by attending classes on oratory, theatre, english, history, dancing, etc. It required a lot of discipline and I enjoyed every moment that year!

Changes that modelling brings about:
Being part of this profession definitely makes you more confident of who you are and enhances you further. You keep growing by gaining new experiences.

Most memorable moment:
I felt very proud representing my country all over the world — to be at the theatre of the Miss Universe pageant and listen to thousands of people scream “Mexico” at the same time.

My love for India:
It is my first time in India and I’m having a great time. I’m crazy about Indian food and I’m going to miss it when I am back at home! The people here are very nice. I feel so proud to be here, to have an opportunity to spread my culture at all the events I am getting to attend.

I will continue modelling and hosting TV programs. I have also studied food chemistry and so would love to start my own business and open a restaurant.

Advice to young models:
Be passionate and be persistent because it’s a very competitive profession. Always have an objective and keep it in mind.

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