Ohh! God, read it


The author is also a playwright and her recent production, The Lost Dog received accolades in Melbourne

Tell us briefly about your recent book Ohh Gods Are Online. What lead to the ideation of the book?
Ohh! Gods Are Online is my debut novel co-authored with Phil Cherry, an English writer, who writes under the pen name of George Dixon. Phil and I have never met or even spoken with each other or skyped. We met on a writer’s website Bibliofaction, and decided to write a story without discussing or pre-meditating on the plot. Our book started as a creative challenge but soon the story, or let us say the Gods, took over and the book grew in its scope.
The book was written in a two-year-long exchange of mails. Here Krishna and Christ are Facebook friends and Buddy Roy or Buddha is a computer geek. Philosophical exchange between Gods is offset with human stories that have been woven into the main background of the novel.
This book is co-authored. Tell us more about this unique collaboration. Did the concept work well for you?
I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of co-authoring. We added new twists and turns to the plot to challenge each other, which resulted in an unpredictable and a unique story. Co-authoring works for writers who are not writing a personal story and have robust egos. Respect and linking for each other’s work are crucial for the success of work.

Authors you find inspirational/ appreciate their style of writing?
Virginia Woolf, Kafka, Margaret Atwood, Tolstoy, Chekov, Hemingway, Sartre, Rushdie, Harold Pinter, Sophocles and Euripedes among others inspire me the most.

Share some interesting details about your upcoming projects.
I am working on another book with my teacher and friend, Phebe. She is a poet and a teacher. This book is about women writers, the process of writing, and the vicissitudes of life that impel a writer to write. Phebe and I have been exchanging mails and chatting about the same for over a year. Our chats encouraged us to go on with our own writing and understand the process of writing. However, most of the chats are bold and uncensored.

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