A quest to reform education system


Since the time he was a kid, he had issues with following the academic syllabus. Not that he did not want to study, he just had issues with the restrictions that the academic syllabus imposed. Saif Ahmad Khan, a second year student of History (Hons), Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi, dreamt of bringing about a change in the education system of India.

Now, after two years in college, he has initiated a programme, “Save The Quest” that aims to begin these changes.
“With Save The Quest, we have two objectives. First is to promote holistic education and change the way our education system functions and the second is to help the disabled and encourage students who are lagging behind in studies,” says Saif, who knows that whatever he is trying to do isn’t easy and practically possible but he wants to give it a good try.
In order to establish the project, along with his friends, Saif has initiated a survey. “We have distributed a questionnaire to students in schools, colleges and even to parents. It has questions on the education system — what are the positives and negatives of it. We have got few responses and are waiting for others,” says Saif and adds that the survey will pick up speed once summer vacation is over.
In the few responses that he has got, he thinks his ideology about the education system resonates with many others. “Many want a change in the education system. We wish to have a system that is flexible. Something that gives students an option to choose subjects they want to study and not force them to follow a rigorous routine,” he remarks and mentions that many students have confessed that they study certain subjects or pick up certain books just a few days before their exams just because they don’t want to fail in the exam.
“Once we are done with the survey and we have something substantial, we are planning to send it to the Ministry of Education and appeal for a change,” says Saif.
In the meanwhile, he is working on the second objective — that of helping the disabled, particularly blind students. He is working with the National Association For Blind, R.K. Puram. “We work as scribes for blind students. Now, I have a list of almost 25 people who work as volunteers on a regular basis,” says Saif, who while working as a scribe is also developing audio books for the blind.
“Having written an exam for a student of MA, Political Science, I already have an audio book for the entire Pol. Science syllabus and I am in the process of developing more such books,” says Saif, who has sent a research work to DU on the need for more scribes and is expecting monetary help soon.

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