Tales that make a difference

Creatives Against Poverty is a diverse pool of skilled volunteers who contribute their talent towards important social issues. Namarata Tanna Mody, one of the brains behind the initiative (which consists of different people from different walks of life working towards the betterment of the country) is an ideal example of a woman who believes in what she does.

Inspiration of Creatives Against Poverty:
Creatives Against Poverty is a social initiative that pools together and contributes skills for social impact. We are completely volunteer driven and have a group currently comprising journalists, consultants, fashion industry professionals, photographers, NGO workers and entrepreneurs.
It is the product of several conversations with my friends — Fatima Najm and Neha Kumar — while in journalism school in London. Being journalism students, we often discussed inequalities that existed in this world. Fatima Najm and I then started Creatives Against Poverty in Mumbai. A year later, Fatima Najm started Creatives Against Poverty London and Neha Kumar started Creatives Against Poverty Hong Kong.

Chronicling the reality of change:
Creatives Against Poverty currently works on projects in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and London. Each of us travels to our projects as often as we can so we can monitor them, document their progress, assist with difficulties and share stories of hope and inspiration with the world.
While working on a recent project where I was documenting the work of NGO Project Chirag, we were in a village on the outskirts of Mumbai called Dongripada. The Project Chirag team along with several volunteers was providing solar lighting to this village that hadn’t had access to electricity in over 15 years. I asked the children there what they were most excited to do now that they had electricity and the answer was simple. “We will be able to study now,” they said. I was amazed at the dedication of these young children who were so focused on getting a good education and a better future for themselves.

The support system:
Creatives Against Poverty is not a ‘full time job’ for any of its members. Each member works on Creatives Against Poverty projects in their spare time only. As my full time job, I choose to work with another NGO called iVolunteer in Mumbai, where I specialize in communications and content development. My family and friends have always been supportive of my career choices.

Advice to youngsters:
Work for social development because you’re passionate about your work. Do not do it to ‘help others’ or make a different in someone else’s life. Do it to see a change in your own perspective and life.

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