Meenakshi Ganguly


Back Syria’s people, not Assad regime

New Delhi

Will history repeat itself at the United Nations Security Council? The last time India was called to vote on a resolution on Syria, October 4, 2011, it chose to abstain, with South Africa and Brazil. By doing so, the Indian government empowered Russia and China to veto a draft resolution designed to pressure the Syrian government into ending the violence against its own people. The civilian toll in Syria was, according to the UN, close to 2,700 dead, including many children and women.

Manipur & its search for elusive justice

Manipuris will soon stand in line to vote for a new state government. As with voters elsewhere, during the campaign they will be promised jobs, development and new infrastructure. The one promise on which successive governments have failed to deliver, however, is one of bringing justice to the people of the state.

India at UNSC: Right foot first

As soon as India assumed the rotating presidency at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) this month, the government had the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to human rights. With violence escalating in Syria, where nearly a 150 people were killed by government security forces last week, India recently successfully took the lead in determining an international response.

Speak up for Syrians

A 13-year-old boy is allegedly tortured to death by security forces on suspicion that he was part of an anti-government protest. His broken body leads to anger and further protests. The government, claiming that the protests are being fuelled by foreign terrorists and that the demonstrations are not peaceful at all, engages in further crackdowns.

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