A very Simple Plan for IIT’s Mood Indigo

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay’s cultural fest, Mood Indigo, will see popular punk rock band Simple Plan regale thousands of spectators, who will converge at the Powai campus in December.
Organisers of Mood-I informed that Simple Plan will headline the “Livewire Night” on December 22 in the Open Air Theatre. The band, on its part, put to rest all doubts after they announced their visit to India on their official Facebook page, making it official that they will travel to India to perform at Mood-I exclusively.
Speaking about the effort that went into convincing Simple Plan to make the trip to IIT-B, Abhishek Goel, head of concert, Mood Indigo 2012 said, “It is never easy to convince a band of the magnitude of Simple Plan to come down to India, given our monetary constraints. The negotiations went on for four months as we solved hurdles, one at a time. After a long drawn conversation with the
management team of Simple Plan, things finally started falling in place. Now that we look back, all that hard work has paid off.” According to Mr Goel, the Facebook post by Simple Plan received around 1,000 likes and 1,000 shares in a matter of few hours. “There was a similar response on Twitter too,” he said.
Justifying the decision to invite a punk rock band, Jayant Jain, head of Pronites, Mood-I 2012 said, “There were lots of metal gigs already lined up in the country so we thought of doing something different — having a punk rock band at the fest.” He added that India would witness a huge influx of rock bands in the next four-five months and as Simple Plan stood out, the organisers decided to invite them.
In the past Mood-I has hosted bands of international repute like Porcupine Tree, Karnivool and Katatonia.

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