Fine-tune yourself

For most people, the word “yoga” probably means performing or practising some impossible yoga positions/postures called asanas. But that is not what yoga means.

Yoga means to be in perfect tune with your body, mind, spirit and existence. There needs to be an absolute harmony. When you fine-tune yourself, you reach a point where everything within you functions beautifully. So, naturally, the best of your abilities comes out.
When you are happy, various energies within you function better. Have you noticed that when you are happy there’s endless energy within you? Even if you don’t eat or sleep but feel happy, you don’t get tired. Just a little happiness liberates you from your limitations.
Yoga and meditation is that dimension of science which handles your interiority, where the focus is on creating the right kind of interior so that you can live a joyous and peaceful life. It is the science of activating your inner energies in such a way that your body, mind and emotions function at their highest levels. When your body and mind function in a completely different state of relaxation and a certain level of blissfulness, you will be free from the problems most people suffer.
There are other dimensions to yoga as well. Right now you consider yourself to be an individual who is identified or associated with many things, but what you refer to as “myself” is, in reality, a certain amount of energy. Modern science says that our existence is just energy manifesting itself in different ways. If this is so, then you are just a little bit of energy functioning in a particular way. This same energy which you call “myself” can be a rock or mud at one place or it can bark as a dog in another situation, or sit here as you. Everywhere the energy is same, but functioning at different levels of capability.
Human beings are made of the same energy but we still don’t function at the same level of capability. What you call capability or talent, what you call your ability to do things in the world, your creativity, is simply a certain way your energy functions. If you gain a little bit of mastery over your own energies, you will be able to do things that you never imagined.
Yoga is the inner technology of creating desirable situations. Every human being must explore yoga else life will become very limited and accidental — you will get to do only what you are exposed to. Once you start activating your inner energies, your capabilities move in an altogether different sphere. Yoga is a tool to find ultimate expression to life.

The writer, an internationally renowned spiritual leader, is a visionary, humanitarian, author, poet and speaker.

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