Nirmala Sitharaman


Dynasty brooks no dissent

Senior members of the Congress Party jumped at the opportunity this weekend to lecture the Bharatiya Janata Party on dealing with dissent. Out of curiosity, I scrambled through the archived sources and sepia scrapbooks to list instances of exemplary handling of dissent within the Congress Party.

An ode to teachers

Writing on the eve of September 5, the day that India celebrates its teachers, it is only appropriate that we script an ode to our teachers.

Broken promises

The Indian National Congress moved out in a bus to Surajkund to introspect on many issues of national concern.

UPA’s lizzy-bizzy enterprise

Litmus tests, though simple, prove a lot in chemistry laboratories. If we were to have a simple but definitive test of the performance of the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre,

New medium, old control

If Caxton’s contribution to the print world remained unmatched for centuries, the World Wide Web, through its real-time communication has expanded information sharing exponentially. Not surprisingly, sometimes through it, reports and comments on events spread even before established news agencies start doing their job. The comments are not tempered down, nor any pre-set line of reasoning guides them. They are not from a few but from as many as who wish to join, and in as many languages as there are keyboards made for them.

Faulty power policies trip nation’s growth

The obsession of the Congress-led UPA is well known. It is “economic growth”. They tout it as the remedy for all evils. Being so focused, one would expect that they would give it their all, even if it meant pushing the growth boulder uphill. If growth is the engine they are pushing uphill, then energy or power is the fuel they should have ensured for achieving this unenviable task. They have failed to foresee this and today the nation is reeling in darkness, literally.

Ordeal by the sea

A brief sense of relief prevailed when the ordeal ended for the six Indian sailors of MV Suez as they reached the Indian shores. This time all credit and thanks for their rescue must go to the activists in Pakistan.

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I want to begin with a little story that was told to me by a leading executive at Aptech. He was exercising in a gym with a lot of younger people.

Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen didn’t make the cut. Neither did Shaji Karun’s Piravi, which bagged 31 international awards.