Minding the inner treasure

Are you aware of the greatest corruption of all? This is a corruption that goes on throughout the day. This is a corruption that almost all people indulge in. This is the costliest corruption of all.

The power of wisdom

It is easy to uncover the Natural Self within; It is easy to unlock the Natural Leader within you; It is possible to unravel the Natural Achiever within you; The Natural Communicator within you is waiting to be untied; And, the Natural Innovator within you can be unleashed in no time. These may sound as tall claims, but they are indeed possible — naturally and easily.

Liberation in labour

This Labour Day understand various stages of labour and what sort of labour you are doing. Whether you are a chief executive officer (CEO) or a carpenter, you are doing one or the other form of labour. The work that a CEO does can be called the “Central Eye Opener”. That is what the words CEO stand for.

Look who’s fooling you

April 1 is celebrated as All Fools’ Day all over the world. On this day, people try to play pranks on others and laugh at the jokes situations create. But what if the joke is on you? April 1 can be taken to represent the day of the cosmic joke. The biggest cosmic joke is maya... the illusory nature of reality. So, the joke is on humanity and what better day to celebrate this joke than on April 1. Let us first understand what this cosmic joke is all about.
The world is nothing but Self in Action (shakti) brought forth by Self at Rest (Lord Shiva).

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I want to begin with a little story that was told to me by a leading executive at Aptech. He was exercising in a gym with a lot of younger people.

Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen didn’t make the cut. Neither did Shaji Karun’s Piravi, which bagged 31 international awards.