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Google wants to fight death


With every new initiative that Google comes up with, it is growing into a widely respected organisation. Slowly branching away from its traditional Internet business into mobile phones, hi-tech glasses and even a self-driving car, the company’s latest initiative that is in the pipeline is in the filed of healthcare.

Facebook’s latest ‘trend’


It doesn’t look like Facebook is going to stop adapting most, if not all, of Twitter’s trademark features into its own website anytime soon. Just two months after Facebook introduced hashtags — a feature made immensely popular by Twitter — the social network is now testing another popular Twitter feature: trending topics.

For the geeks, by the geek


Geeks and nerds of the world, unite! Starting August 4, YouTube, the world’s most popular video platform, will be launching its first-ever Geek Week. The seven-day geek fest will celebrate sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, games and all things geek.

Fear of missing out


In today’s world, if we take a look at a day in an ordinary youngster’s life, there will be many different activities and aspects to it. But what will be constant is the person’s dependency on gadgets — more specifically cell phones, tablets and computers.

Reader’s heir apparent


Google’s e-graveyard contains a long list of innovative products — some of which were iconic, and the rest that never took off — whose plug was pulled due to a variety of reasons. Last week, when the company retired its Reader, which falls under the iconic application category, fans were no doubt disheartened, but thanks to Google’s early announcement, they had also moved on to find replacements for the Reader.

Adventurous prospect


How would it be if one could do something that would be of great help to millions in the world, and also have a lot of fun and adventure while at it? Won’t such attributes to a particular activity make it the best in the world? Well, guess what? Google has come up with just that offer to people around the world.

Down-to-earth space astronaut


Ever since the advent of social media, people have been sharing extraordinary pictures and accounts that they witness, as well as quaint little details of their daily lives to the world at large, from every nook and corner of the planet. But one man has been sharing with the world pictures and information from where no one ever has — the outer space!

Anybody can be found in 12 hours!


If you ask an average Joe how soon a person can be tracked down using social media and the Internet, he might not have the right answer for you. But if the average Joe happens to be Alex Rutherford from the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, who took part in the ‘Tag challenge’, it’s come down to just 12 hours.

The tough get going


Being a sportsperson is no ordinary deal - probably one of the hardest ‘jobs’ in the world. In every sport, we have that one iconic figure, who rules the roost for an extended period of time by exhibiting a supernatural level of athleticism combined with mental strength like no other. But they are humans too, and failure is an inevitable hurdle.

Next big change for facebook


“The news feed is one of the most important things we’ve built,” announced Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a press event on Thursday, to announce that the social networking site will be giving its popular news feed a brand new look and feel, one that is aimed at making users stick around in the website for more time than they usually do.

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